27 July 2010 - Hair Model for Daniel Ng (Kim Robinson) Workshop ~ Haul ~ OOTD

One of the pictures of my long hair taken on July 2010....
Don't waste this pic, fellow onsugarettes please click on it and vote for me! Kekekex.. (You have to like the page first before liking my pic! ^_^)

And so.. on 27 July, I was one of the hair model for Daniel Ng's afternoon workshop (organised by Goldwell Singapore)
My hair was cut by an Indonesian Hair stylist. They are experienced stylist but they are learning new hair cut styles from Daniel Ng.
When I was assigned to the hair stylist, he asked what hair style I wanted, I whip out my phone and show him Taemin's hair. XD~
He said "But this is for short hair". I said "I know, maybe you can cut a shorter version of this?" =p

After my hair stylist finished, Daniel walked over to where I'm sitting. All other stylists swarmed over wanting to hear Daniel's comments.
He pulled my hair (near the neck) said "Too short" (I agree!), pulled my side burn said "Too long" (Not agree.. =X ), pull my fringe said "Too short" (Agree!)
He started sniping some parts at the back and telling all the stylist how they should cut it. He's from Hong Kong, and all stylists are from Indo. Basically its Chicken talking to Duck with... not so good english.. kekex..
He claim that the short hair styles that are in fashion now is to have a long fringe.
After he left, my stylist went on snipping my remaining hair... My mind kept thinking "Stop cutting already! No more hair for you to cut! >△<" But he still went on....
Lastly, he sprayed Sea salt spray (for volume) to my roots and blow dry my hair, and hair spray again to fix my hair style. Though the style wasn't what I requested, but I still kinda like it (I still prefer more sideburn to cover my wide & fatty cheeks). I think I will like it more if its at least 2-3cm longer... =p

Here shows the side and back view of my hair and also pics of my other friends who modelled for the workshop. (L-R: Vic, Wendi, Myself)
We are korean boy band now! Ahhn niyong ha say yo~~~

Di & mi camwhoring at the stage platform.. Daniel was cutting other model's hair and he looked up at us shouted "Aye Aye Aye!!" then went on saying something like we are so vain... LOLX!! He's so cute!
Before we left, I requested a pic with Daniel. I was like bending my back (as usual.. as I'm so much taller than him). He said "Nvm, you can stand straight" Awww... I was so happy upon hearing that! He put his hand on my shoulder just like any other designer/stylist would do to their very tall models (hand on waist or hand on shoulder). He's my IDOL now! XD~
And my dear friend Acktosh (aka BL) at the back... (U better watch out for my 剪刀脚! Muahahax!)

Hereby presenting the models for the morning Seminar. Hair fully cut by Daniel Ng.
Di's hairstyle is so cute!

Extra: Daniel asked if we speaks Canto (We dont). Then he said he know abit of Teochew/Hokkien so he said "le si mm si jia gan dang dua?" (你是不是吃马铃薯长大的? Did you grow up eating potatoes?)  I laughed at his statement XDDD~ Do YOU get the meaning of it? kkekex..

I was given Goldwell Ultra Volume gel-shampoo and Ultra Volume gel-conditioner at the end of the workshop. I bought the KMS California Sea Salt Spray seperately @ $30 (retail price) from Acktosh, as I find that its a very good pre-spray, non-oily and works alittle like hair spray but this is only used before blow drying the hair. Its purpose is to volume up and give the hair a little style.

Di & I then went shopping at fareast plaza, and its time I splurge my money again on some.... nonsense stuffs. ^.^"

Its been quite long ago, I forgotten the price of The mini professional straightener (can be used as curler). I think its $20+ after discount.
Transparent tape $8.90: So ex! =_= But i need it for my eyelid.. I've been looking all over for the tape that works for me.
Hairclips $4.90~5.90(?) for 4: At the workshop, they use this kind of hairclips. I find its better than the normal clips that I have.
Light brown Bag $12: Very light, cute too! ^_^
Framed wide specs 2 for $10: Di & I each got 1!
Oral B Brushhead refills $20.25
KATE eye gel shadow in Pink $14.50: I get pink so that I can always remind myself NOT to use the gold one everytime. ~_~

So sparkling pretty isn't it???

New hairstyle with new specs camwhore! Loving the HOLY LIGHT from behind...

1st Aug LOTD: Going to celebrate Swan's birthday, but I dressed like a birthday girl myself.. hahhax~
I forgotten what I used on my lids, but I'm sure I've got KATE pink eye gel shadow on! (At least now its not gold makeup..)

1st Aug OOTD:
I need to 'Lipstick' up Tee: Pull & Bear
Inner Abstract Leggings: Uniqlo
Translucent soft tulle skirt: Overseas
Grey satin short jacket: Taiwan
Hot pink thin belt: Chinatown
Brown Boots: Overseas
Multi-Bangles: http://fairebelle.livejournal.com & Overseas
Choker: Fancy Pocket

Na & me coincidentally wore very striking pink leggings that day and everyone are looking at our legs when they past by... Hahhax! (2 legs are not striking enough, 4 legs ARE!)

To na: I didn't know I got this pic in your cam! hhhaax~ Its my fav pic now! XD~

More camwhore with my new hairstyle (unstyled) + foundation, nude lipstick & eyebrow ONLY makeup. =p
I look like a guy (korean boy! =p) here & I like it! kekex.. Kudos to the HOLY LIGHT from behind again, making the pic so nice. (real life, my face was rather pale & dull)

If you had to know, this was taken at my workplace Toilet... ^___^"

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.


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