miwitch's method: Hair Styling Tutorial Part 1

As promised to some of you girls, here is my own method of hair styling... For the start, I will not teach how to make the hairstyles that I'd done before, but I will in Part 2.. ^_^" (As I think the introduction might be too long, so its better to split them up to 2 post)

Note: You probably be using a different product from what I'm using hence the result might be differ. Its always best to trial and error to come out with all kinds of hair styles, and in a long run, you will be able to learn different techniques to achieve the looks you want.
As for me, I didn't go for any hair styling class, but I always like to play with my hair, sometimes ending up with a funny look (^_^") But the mistakes enables me to learn more.

Before I begin, I like to say that the pictures were taken after midnight. So don't mind my sleepy look (+ my droopy eyeslids...) =_=" .And my hair's kinda start to turn oily so end result is not really up to my expectation.

Ok, here's the introduction to my hairstyling products:
- Bobby pins & U pins from Daiso: They are cheap and very good, comes in different colours to match your hair colour. So they can camouflage themselves, good when you tend to use too many of them to fix your hair.
- Rubberbands from Daiso: Lovely transparent and coloured bands for different hair colours (usually in browns). They are elastic and very durable. I can use 1 band for several times over 2-3 months and they still didn't break.
- Plastic Curlers/Rollers (with metallic wraps within) from Sasa: This is good for curling fringe/bangs and to make your hair look fluffy/voluminous. It can also be used to maintain your curls while you doing your makeup etc..
- Combs: I have few combs that I like to use like the full round combs (sorry I do not know the actual names!), half round wide combs (the one I'm holding) and normal straight ones with long pointed handle (used for separating the hair to sections)
- Ribbons & Hair Ties: Funky, sweet, elegant.. Get more of these for the different styles you wish to achieve
- Stylish Hairclips: Easy to use and holds up your hair well with just 1 clip! I always prefer one that has good holding power but yet not hard to press on. Some of the clips is so hard to press open, the clip ends up flying off my hand even before it opens!
- Hair dryer (Philips) & Hair electric curler/tongs(Watsons): I had these with me for years and they work so well till today! You can get cheap electric products from Little India's Mustafa Centre. My curler is Watsons brand, bought it at cheaper than $20 during sales. Its good to use but its diameter is smaller, hence the curls will not appear to be big and wavy. If you wish to have bigger curls, get one with diameter bigger than 25mm.
- Styling water (liese) & Styling Hair Spray (Rico): Styling water can help to maintain your curls a little longer and moisturize your hair at same time. Hair spray can be used before or after curl/styling. I use Rico hair spray because it is cheap $5+/bottle, good, and big! ^.^" I've used this on real hair and wigs, and the hair really stays in shape for whole day, provided that I sprayed alot as well. Its non-sticky, not oily, will not leave any white residue.

How do I curl my bangs?
2 methods, 1 is using plastic rollers and another is using electric curler. But I prefer rollers, as curlers tend to over-curled my bangs.
1. Wrap your bangs over the roller, starting from the hair ends.
2. Roll the roller inwards and stop it at the top of your forehead, then press the hair to the roller making sure the roller is secured well at that position. Do the same to the sides.
3. Now do the same to the back hair as well.
4. Use your hairdryer to softly blow hot air into the inside of the roller. The metallic wraps within will absorb the heat and transfer it to your hair.
5. Do the same to all the rollers. Blow each rollers for 1-2 minutes
6. The result of my bangs. (In fact, my bangs are not very curled because I didn't even plug in my hair-dryer! So think what will happen to my bangs if I had blown my rollers. The result will surely be better than this!)
Note: You can only roll up certain amount of hair in these rollers. If your hair is thick, you need more than just 1 packet of rollers! Split your hair to left-right, up-down sections first before you roll those babies!

How to remove rollers?
If you rolled up a long, long hair, your roller will get stuck at your head and its so hard to remove them, not even if you rotate the rollers the opposite direction where you rolled in.
So this is the method you should do to remove them: (I'm not good in words so I made a gif to show how to remove them)

Using Electric Hair Curlers:

Using Electric Hair Curlers for your back hair:

Hair types concerned:
Sometimes I'm being called the 109 Hot girl (in mandarin: 一零九辣妹 , name originated from Japan) because my hair is so yellow and so fluffy! I like fluffy hair reason is because I'm born with limp, flat, thin and oily black hair. Its so hard for me to achieve a certain hairstyle I wanted because oily hair cannot be styled.
To style, you need normal-dry hair. Dry hair can stay in shape for whole day, wherelse oily hair will turn back to its original shape in no time!

Some of you who has oily hair like mine (be it oily-very oily), don't worry you can be saved!
You need to use good oil control hair shampoos and STOP using any conditioner or hair serums! Those will make your hair even more oily!
You may wish to dye or bleach your hair (like I do), because dry hair will suck up all your natural sebum produced from your scalp. So when you have dyed hair, you will find that your hair is already naturally moisturized by your scalp and it won't feel dry like other people would. So all you need is to put a little serum or conditioner to the hair ends to prevent split ends, just VERY LITTLE!

Those who have normal hair (not oily, not dry or just VERY little oily/dry), lucky you! But I realize 1 problem for this kind of hair is that they get very stubborn when it comes to hair styling. Even if I use the highest temperature to curl the hair, the hair will return to straight hair within few seconds!
Many hair pins and alot, alot of hair sprays will be needed to shape up the hair. But after an hour or two, the hair will still return back to its original shape!

I can vomit blood when I face this kind of hair. -,_,- It might be different for you girls who have normal hair but I've experienced a few of my friends' hair being so stubborn that I totally gave up on styling their hair! I recommend them to WEAR WIGS.

For dry hair types, I know your worries. Some comes in normal dry hair, and some comes in very fluffy, voluminous dry hair. All I can suggest is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! For people who are born with very frizzy dry hair, use hair treatments to condition your hair because its more nutritious than conditioners, but still use conditioners everyday and treatments about 1-2 times a week to make your hair smoother and straight. After coming out of shower, use hair serum to moisturize your hair. Do not think that if you have used conditioner, you can skip the serum. Because when water evaporates from your hair, your hair gets even more drier!

Keep the routine of putting on hair serums every time after bath, in a long run your hair will become smooth and silky! Best to put the hair serum on when your hair's about to dry, this way I find that it will lock up the water inside your hair protecting it from drying out.
I've heard from some friends who went for rebonding or soft rebonds saying that the result is very good, especially for frizzy dry hair types. I've seen the results, yes its really nice. But don't think that once you rebond your hair, you can just leave it as it is, skipping your haircare routine.
You will still need to maintain it by doing what I've mentioned above. I personally think that the chemicals that salons use on your hair will damage your hair structure. Although for the time being you will feel your hair is silky and soft, but once your new hair grows out and after few months the chemical lost its efficiency and lastly your hair structure is already spoilt by the chemicals. By then you will suffer from an ultimate DRY HAIR....-DO!

Ok, I shall end with a few preview pics of my past hair-styles... ^_^ More to come on my Hair Styling Tutorial Part 2!

Everything mentioned above are based on my own experience, I am not a professional! You can comment your thoughts here if you think that you have a better suggestion towards haircare/ hairstyling. I welcome all comments and opinions! ^___^

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)


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