Shot 5 June 2010, L'Oreal Paris Bloggers' Party (Sneak Peek Pics)

I was (LUCKILY) invited by L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics to their Chrome Intensity Bloggers' Party @ fika cafe (Arab street)
Na and I went, along we brought few onsugarettes with us to this party.

Here is my OOTD
Long Inner purple dress (showing off a little chiffon under the layer short skirt)
Black-white stripes side button top
Grey layer shorts Skirt
Brown thick Belt
Dusty pink underknee stockings
(All the above are bought from overseas)
Black multi-chain long necklace: AMK HUB (3 for $10)
Bracelets: Cineleisure & Chinatown Market 3rd level
Colourful Heels: Bought during CozyCot event (na didn't wear it so sold it to me! U know friends can't give shoes as gifts so I gota buy from her)
Blue ribbon hairclip: ARTBOX @ AMKHUB

Rightttt.... Messy hair i know, but I'm running out of time! (End up taking cab down Bugis) hahax..
With half of my hair pin up already, I still sweat alot because that day, the humidity @ city area is so darn high!

1 Skin Food Haul
I must thank ladeekim for helping me buy this pretty gold polish!! Thanks kim! ^__^ (I'm not lazy or wat, I'm just too busy or just didn't get to pass by any Skin Food counters!) And also thanks to hazelnutt for flaunting this gold polish in your blog, otherwise I might still be considering to get it or not till now. =p
Below is 2 most glittery gold polish I own, a comparison of both...

My nails all short and fat while I have such scrawny fingers, skiny hands.. Not pretty at all =_=
Sorry my hands didn't sleep well day before hence my undernails grew dark circles heh.

Guess who's fat playful fingers came into the pic? I shall review it on my actual entry of the Bloggers' Party! ^_^
So, as can see from the pic, SF look very light gold, while NFU is yellowish!
SF's is very densed with glitters while NFU's is sparse but their glitters reflects more beautifully (i find) than SF under spot light.

Nothing much on the makeup, the usual stuffs.. But Its time to flaunt the pink lips!
I'm using my recent bought cool tone NYX Paris lippie. (Its definitely more brighter in reallife!) Its very lasting, even after I drank, ate lunch and ate dessert, still there!
I have one hotter pink than this NYX Paris, I shall next time use it! (Most likely next sunday as I'm attending Streetfest event!) =D

Here comes the L'Oreal Paris MUA, Julyen! See how FAIR he is! OMG.. And I'm like... Leaning tower of Pisa beside him.. OTL||| While he stands so... model-ish! He's so cool! >_< He kept saying, "You're so tall, you're so tall. I felt intimidated by your height!" (^_^"" My heels are only like 4cm high leh... =X)

Somemore sneak peeks of MUA's stuffs at the party...

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
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