miwitch's Dressup Shot 27 May 2010, mini Hauls

Vesak Day. I went Arcade gaming with my colleagues at Bugis. And here's my OOTD & LOTD.
Leopard print rose hairclip: Far East Plaza, Level 1
Short necklace: Korea
Long necklace: DIY (DIY parts from Chinatown)
White lace spag (Inner): Chinatown New Market Lvl 3
Light Blue Long Dress: Hula & Co. at Wisma
Denim short jacket: Overseas
Bracelets: DIYs & Bugis Market
Mint green heels: Overseas

I love GOLD!!~ *makes L symbol with fingers*
My Simple Summer Look:
Here's what I've used... (Yap! I've used 2 mascaras together, one to lengthen and one to volume.. ^_^")

The bun behind my left ear. Shaky hands again!
And closeup pic... (refer right) Why is my arm like that...??? =_="

Mini haul from Parco Bugis!
Bonjour Kitty Socks from ARTBOX $3.70: After member discount (not my member card! =p). French kitty! So cute I just had to buy & add to my kitty collection!
Skullcandy In-ear Earphones from 77th Street $34.90: PIG not included. My first In-ears! I had been using hook earphones all the time and EVERY YEAR I have to change one because the wire got loose somewhere & got spoilt... sigh~

Something off track....
Come to think of it, I just realised I am now addicted to Onsugar.... Before I started blogging here, I was at Livejournal. And seeing na's (everbluec) posts in here, I kinda think "what's all the fuss about Onsugar? Isn't it the same as LJ?" Well now I know why. (You duno? Go and find it out yourself. =p)

A blink of an eye, I am already about 4 months old on Onsugar! And hitting 50 followers soon! (Slow I know... u_u I am not a person who blogs because I want alot of followes, but yes I do like the feeling that people is following and reading my blog and comment how nice my LOTD, OOTD are.. Well, don't you too? ^_^)
I am thinking of doing a mini giveaway for this small celebration. However I must confess that I am not really a makeup junkie, but yes again I do buy MUs still, however not as much as the other onsugarettes do. So my giveaway will definitely be something that has FASHION in it. =D

I consider myself more of a Fashion person, always wanting to buy more clothings, accessories, shoes... Because I think clothes meant alot more to me than makeups. It makes my mood good when I look pretty in it, and even from 10 metres away people can see my dressup. =p
To some people, I wear weird. But I won't care as long as I think I look good in it. (Probably will think back after 10 yrs that I DO look weird in it. hehex..)
Sometimes I do feel that I'm quite showy too. I'll feel alittle embarrased because people are looking at me but sometimes I can be super showy too. My mood's always changing and my fashion sense changes with it. =)
I'm happy that my followers not only follow me to read about my makeups but also to know about my fashion. I know there are lesser fashion junkies here than Makeup junkies nevertheless, I will still post entries of my dressups. Maybe, in future I will have my turn to inspire someone elses in their fashions(?) ^.^"

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)


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