miwitch's 50 followers ~*\^0^/*~ Giveaway Contest Results

Before I put up the results, here's the answer to my mini guessing game! ^_^
Ops sorry! I forgotten to save a copy of this mosaic in full colour! =p But anyways it should be more visible now than before~

And now in full colour! (Don't mind the weird yellowish insole in my shoes.. It's for comfort!)
Tall girls still need high heels you know.. kekkekex....

Basically I have only 3 joined and 1 already hit jackpot! That's superfast yah!

And SO! The winner is..........

luvverlyn! who got all the 5 guesses right! ^o^ v~~
Should I say girl, you're lucky to guess all correctly or your eyes are really sharp. ^.^ (You mentioned you had a pair of shoes same with mine? Which? I guess A3? =D)
The 2nd runner-up is Noppi with 3 correct answers!

Thank you girls for joining my mini giveaway! =D
And please accept my humble gifts to you! I will drop an email to notify you and get your address. ^_^

Thanks to raggie92 for joining too, though you didn't got it right but nevertheless thank you so much for following me and taking part in my giveaway =D *blow kisses*

While posting this results up, I am actually in the mid of trying to take pictures of hair tutorials... My camera rechargeable batteries kept running out and I went in and out the kitchen to complete this entry, while waiting for my batteries to charge. ^_^" I know I should let the battery charge fully before using, but I'm just impatient because I don't want to take pics half way! And I don't have any new AA batteries..gahhh~~ frustrated.. =_=
I want to sleep nowwww.... urgh OTL|||


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