Mini haul, Watsons Members' Preview & Rimmel Colour Show Off Swatches

Watsons Members' Preview from 4June - 6June! (x2 points)

I went Compass Point Watsons and there wasn't any queue! I gotten these brushes that are highly raved by other bloggers!
ecotools eye shadow brush $6.90
Bourjois mineral matte mini kabuki brush $9.60 (after discount): No cheaper than na's john little buy but I lazy to travel to JL =_="
Indeed, they are very dense and very soft~~~ Ooolala~

IvyCosmetics Haul
Estee Lauder Cyber White EX Sunblock: Was introduced by the boss there, saying its very good, must try! So I Buy! ^_^"
Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield Sunblock: Replenishing my sunblock~
Total I was given some discounts, I spent $19 on this 2.. (I still feel quite ex considering sample's so mini!)
Anyone had tried Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield BB-Cream? Anyone happen to have its sample? I want to try it out but I can't seem to find the sample. I want to know if its good. >_<

Seeing diana's blog about the new range of Rimmel's lipsticks, I just had to go and swatch some to check out the colours!
Lucky thing Compass point Watsons is big and the MU section is not packed by shoppers/ MU junkies and so the Rimmel colour show off testers are totally NEW & CLEAN! (I felt like bringing it home.. =X)
I've forgotten what are the names of these shades i've picked. The colours i picked are mostly in pinks.

I shall do a rough gauge of the shades I've chosen, pls excuse if its incorrect.
L to R: Shake-up Pink, Tell No One, Pink Gossip, Kiss Me, Shocking Pink
Its can cover pigmented/dark lips if you put on 2-3 layers.
I was all alone swatching happily away when the Bourjois SA just had to cut in to promote her lipsticks hence she swatched a few range of BJ lipsticks on my right hand (Rimmel's on my left). I compared both and Rimmel's still looked alot richer and more matte than Bourjois. Yeah!

However, I didn't buy any because I find my NYX's has the similar colour as these pink shades. =\ If only Rimmel Colour Show Off has Nude range... =/

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)


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