Mini Celebration of 50 followers! ~*\^0^/*~ Giveaway Contest~ (Closed!)

Right... I'm rather nervous right now because I am thinking that I only got 51 followers.. Will there be actually anyone joining the giveaway contest!~ >_<|||

Anyhoo, before I post the Contest questions and Prizes, I just want to RE-Introduce myself, Officially, Here at On-sugar.
(After 4 months, then I officially introduce myself, siao right? ^_^")
Reason is simple, because everyone do not know my real name (I didn't put my name anywhere in my blog.. right? i also forgot...) [edited: I just added my name in the info @ sidebar ^_^"] Hence those who had interacted with me via comments gotten from everbluec that my name is' ming'.
I must tell everyone that I felt rather embarrassed when people call me by 'ming' because usually only my 10years+ friends will call me this name..

I shall officially tell everyone that my name is JONES ending with a QUEK (quack quack quack...)
My online friends still call me miwitch when we're outside, I'm very fine with it. I am most pleased that everyone can call me Jones. (not Jonas/Joan/Joanne/Jean!)
Jones is my real name given when I was born, so I would prefer everyone to pronounce it right.. (just think of Indiana Jones/Tom Jones/Doctor Jones k?)
If you're are a mandarin speaking person who can't pronouce Jone with an 's', you can call me by my chinese full name MINGMING.
I don't know why, I kinda can't stand people calling me 'Jon' or 'Jone' (rather similar pronouciation) just becos their tongue is lazy to pronouce an 's' word.
Nonetheless, if you already used to calling me by 'ming', I'm still fine with it. ^_^

Sorry for all the ramblings of my name

Here comes the Giveaway Contest details! (image intensive)

I always liked to play games, solve puzzles... hence I come out with a puzzle for everyone to solve!
TItle: Match my Shoes!

1. Game Details:
Basically, you just have to observe the details (VERY carefully~ and might have to adjust your screen brighter to see it) and match the front part of my shoes (1st row) to the back part of my shoes (2nd row).
Some of the pics have been changed colour/tone so that answer is NOT that obvious and hence, increase the difficulty in this game! (But if you are observant enough, you should be able to get it right first time!)
Then, fill in the following and paste as an comment under this entry!

Your blog url:
Link (my giveaway link in your blog):
Your answer: (eg, A1, B5, C2, D3, E4)

*You can only post ONCE!
The first person who commented and got all the matches right WINS!

Dateline: By end of June if noone wins, I shall giveaway the prize to the first person who has the most correct matches!

2. Terms & Conditions: Before you post, please check you had done the following!
- got to have your own blogsite/website
- follow my blog or put my blog link to your website
- post my giveaway to your blog / website in your entry or sidebar (somewhere viewable within the page when I click that link)
- only open to Local (Singapore) bloggers
- prizes will be mailed to your address in registered mail (pls allow a week for me to process after the announcement of winner)

3. Prizes:
Here comes the pics of the giveaways~ (I know they are not VERY good stuffs.. ^_^")

I KNOW the stuffs arenot CHIC enough for some people... ^_^" But I do not mind at all if the winner wish to pass on to someone else whom she thinks is more suitable to use these stuffs! (I realise I forgot to take the necklace upclose.. Just to say the necklace is very pretty!)

3. Consolation Prize:
Just a mini gift to the 2nd person who got the right answers. ^_^

Yesterday, I was still thinking that I have nothing much to blog.. and now my mind is suddenly filled with many stuffs that I want to blog...

Upcoming posts:
L'Oreal Paris Chrome Intensity Bloggers' Party
Mini Watsons Haul & Rimmel Lipstick Swatches
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July Cosplay Event
July-Aug Hairshow Event
Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)


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