Lippy & Fashion Hauls, Giveaway Prize

Guess what? I've (randomly) took part in youngorgeous' mini game/giveaway. I mean, I've always liked a game or something that I need to use my brain to think. But no one got the right answer in the end..haha..
Anyhoo~ I've randomly (since youngorgeous used random number generator) picked up among the 11 contestants and so I won!

Thank you Youngorgeous! ^_^v~

Laneige!!! I had been wanting to try their products and now I get them for free! ^.^v~
Lippy Hauls (flew in from Taiwan in Kim's luggage bag..kekex..)
I bought these lippy stuffs because I've watched 女人我最大 (About Lips Episode). These were introduced by Kevin 老师. Prices unknown until Kim reveals to me! =p

Clicky the below pic to see the parts I marked Arrows.
Medicated Vitamin Lip Gel has 4 important Nutrients: Vitamin A, B2, C, E
Lipice Color Gloss in Sugar Pink: Mentioned there as High Gloss and transparency, Moisture, 5 shades available, Fruity flavor

The Medicated Vitamin Lip Gel (in Yellow tube which I've bought) is an upgrade version of the below Medicated Lip Gel. (It has only Vitamin E)
It was stated that the original version Medicated Lip Gel was sold over 100,0000 units in Taiwan!~ Woot!
Taken from TW Mentholatum
Previously, I bought a Lipice Fruity in stick form which has SPF 15 Sunscreen protection but I still find it drying after using, so ontop of the lipbalm &/or my lipstick, I use Lipice Color Gloss (the sample version) which came along with Lipice Fruity when I bought it.
I was awed by the mini gloss when I first use it because it felt so moisturizing, so smooth and very watery! The colour might be very sheer but this gloss indeed moisturize my lips for longer hours than any other brands of lipgloss that I've purchased. I LOVE it! =D
No doubt, when I watched the 女人我最大, the MUA also used this gloss on one of the artistes' lips, It look darn pretty! The reflection of the lipgloss is like applying a water shield on your lips! This makes me LOVE it x 2 times!
I do not have perfect lips, hence the effect of applying the gloss on my lips doesn't even look 50% as pretty as that of the artiste. =(((
That is why I am being so hardworking now in taking care of my lips. I always have the tendency of biting chap lips and let it bleed (for the past 20 years!), but now I swear to myself that I will NOT do that anymore! >_< Since few weeks ago, I find my lips had improved alot by moisturizing it everyday in the morning, after I eat, after I wash my face, and before I go to bed.

I just have to emphasize the Lipgloss pics a few times more because it looks pretty stunning with its crystal clear tip! The cap is easily capped on with a simple 'click'.

Accessories Hauls (from Helen @ 50% off)
Black Furry Wool with round studs Hairclip $14.95 (Usual $29.90): I have 1 similar clip but in diff colour, I love this design so decide to get 1 more since its on Sales! =D
Clear stones long necklace $7.45 (Usual $14.90): Its very heavy! I shall pity my neck... U_U"

Ending with a artistic picture of the stones for viewing pleasure!

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)


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