Hauls @ Tampines Mall - AQUALABEL, Ms. Makeup, Manicare

Yesterday, after class @ Bugis, I went to Tampines to catch the Watsons sales at Tampines Mall Atrium.
Actually I wanted to take some pics of the fair but my hp run out of battery. The fair is not big, it filled the atrium infront of Isetan but there are lots of room for walking still. I only saw a few brands displayed like Aqualabel, Majolica Majorca, ZEA, Bio-essence, Skin79, Avene and some others...

When I saw the fair, I immediately went up to Aqualabel counter without even pausing to look around first, as I've already got an idea what I wanted to buy (and psycho myself buy these and NOTHING MORE!)

And here's what I've gotten...
Whitening Cleansing Foam $16.90
Whitening Deep Clear Cleansing Oil $18.50
Moisturising Aqua Enhancer MO $24.90

According to the BA, the whitening range and Acne range are usually used by acne prone skin people. So I guess the blue range is fine for me. I was rather worried its either too dry or too oily.
I took the facial foam mainly because 1) I running out of one; 2) I saw the demo of the video in FB.
The oil cleanser was highly recommended by Na & a few other bloggers who had tried out during their facial, hence I have no doubt about it! ^.^
For the Enhancer MO, I chose the moisturising range as the BA says it has collagen (I the word Collagen!) Supposedly I should have read the specs of each and every product so I can just grab and go, but my brain is feeling lazy to memorise everything. =p

Mini review:
Cleansing Oil: As described by Na, its really watery! Doesn't leave my face dry or oily after washoff.
Cleansing Foam: Alot of foam yes! Includes some white clay granules, but feels rather dry & alitte tight after washoff.
Aqua Enhancer MO: Feels like toner but alittle thicker infact. Doesn't give greasy feel after patting the content to my face. Face don't look oily (like the times when I use my other moisturiser at the last step).
Total spent of $60.30, I gotten 2 free facial coupons. (1 free facial for $30 spent) And since I had 'Liked' the Aqualabel page in FB, I got additional 1 more!
The BA asked me to login to FB using their lappy and she searched to see if I had liked their page, so..... you girls better don't forget to 'LIKE' their page or try to blaf through the BAs! ^o^~

Side note: I so wanted to buy a sun pact too from Skin79, but na didn't want it anymore so I guess its also good too. So I can spend lesser! I was just very tempted by that pink diamond bluetooth earpiece and the free limited set of BB creams! *slaps own head* Don't think about it anymore!
Unless someone who won the earpiece, can give it to me? =p I prefer the earpiece over BB!

Another Watsons Haul: with 20% discounts
Manicare Cuticle Trimmer & Pusher 6.30 (Usual $7.90)
Manicare Corn Plane $10.50 (Usual:$13.15)
To be frank, I DO NOT know how to use these stuffs... After reading tutorials online, I found that I had totally bought the wrong stuffs! $$$ wasted...

Gaurdian Hauls: 2 for $3.80 offer!
Kotex Luxe Pads $1.95
pHcare Intimate Wash $1.95

Another one of my Happiest purchase ^▽^ coming up!! This Ms. Makeup eye blending brush was bought from a new store name SHINS @ Tampines Mall #02-16C.
I was attracted by their very bright and neat store, so I went in and asked the BA whether its a new store and if they have other outlets. She says SHINS is the first store to be opened in Singapore, they have many outlets in Malaysia and reading from their newsletter, SHINS is already 10 years old!

I was infact looking for Ecotools because I just bought 1 from Watsons not long ago and I love its texture, so smooth, so soft! SHINS also sell Ecotools but wasn't on sales or promotion, hence I looked for alternatives and I saw this! Ms. Makeup tools!
The packaging was pretty and unique. I asked BA if I can feel the brush and she let me. ^_^ When I swipe the brush on my back hand, immediately I felt OhHhhhh so soft, so thick! I use my fingers to touch and pinch it, and I was totally SOLD! XD~ The BA added on, (in mandarin) the brush is made by natural animal fur (what animal, i'm not sure?), the fur can capture shadows better and it can make your lids look matt because natural fur can absorb sebum from your lids, while synthetic ones can't .
The brush's packed densely, thick, and very soft. The handle has this rubber grip design that make it not easy to slip off your hands/fingers.
And guess what, the price is only $10! Comparing to the brushes that Sasa sells for a price range of $10~20, I definitely like Ms. Makeup better! (I hope its good too when I use it!)

I searched through the net and found this site: http://www.parispresents.com (Company which distributes ecotools & Ms. Makeup)
I probably think some of you might have seen Ms. Manicure & Ms. Pedicure before.. but its definitely my first time seeing Ms. Makeup! =D
SHINS has some other products like Kings & Queens, YoungBlood Mineral Makeup, Bloom, etc..
Take a look at their newsletter! (I only pictured 2 page out of their 4 pages..lazy.. =p)

Definitely hoping to get the Air stocking too! It looks like its good! OoO!
And another round of some cutesy stuffs from ARTBOX. Its been quite long since I go all lolita/cutie with fashion o_O".. But I've always liked Ribbons, cats & laces! They are all in 1 category and that's KAWAII
I overspent again (suppose to be only 1 ribbon & 1 planner) is because of this cute little mei mei (young girl).. She's so cute, kept sharing with me all the cute designs of the planner and the ribbons... I just can't resist those stuffs that she recommended me. >∆< She kept going "CUTE Right?! CUTE Right???!" and then show me this ^____^ face... sigh~
Weekly Planner (Pink) $9.90
Weekly Planner (Navy) $15.90
Checker Ribbon Hairclip $5.90
Polka Hotpink Ribbon Hairclip $3.90
Dashed stitch Pink Ribbon Hairclip $3.90

When I decided NOT TO SPEND anymore, I walked out of ARTBOX and saw all shops closing, even the atrium too! Then I wondered... How many hours did I spent shopping in Tampines Mall alone? *leaf floats down from sky*.....

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)


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