Shot 1st May 2010 (Labour Day) ~ Haul

Overdue dressup shot and haul.. Been too busy and also lazy for the past week =_=" NEWays, here it goes~
On 1st May, my office had a Retreat to Hyatt Hotel, Straits Kitchen. The food was ok, I had been eating alot of rice rather than their side dishes! hhahax..
Here is my dressup for that day:
Straw Hat - from Larc en ciel (not the Japan L'Arc~en~Ciel! XD~), Orchard Central. (Somehow it got abit out of shape.. ⌐_⌐")
Pink Hair Clips - Japan
White Top- Chinatown New Market 3rd level, Sunflower shop
Shorts, Leather Belt, Stockings, Shoes- Overseas
Other Accessories- Overseas

Compass Point was having TBS Sales, there were so many girls crowding around.. Recently I had been hauling too much.. so I only got these:
Puffs 2 for $2
Vitamin E Eye Cream $19.90 - It felt smooth, no stickiness feel at all unlike my Decleor Eye Cream which it leaves the skin sticky after applying. It felt more like a gel (maybe cos gel tend to always give a smooth after feel?) more than a cream although when squeezed out it look like cream. ^_^"


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