Product Review: e.l.f. Eyelid Primer

As per requested by Cherub's Lips, here is my review on ELF Eyelid Primer. ^_^ (See my ELF haul together with other hauls from Cherub's Lips)

First, trying out with LIGHT coloured Eyeshadow...

Second, trying out with DARK coloured Eyeshadow...

(Sorry for my shaky hands! & Pardon my weird curvy lashes..) Little creases found! I haven't even stepped out of house yet..

The same old double eyelid folds.... but the e/s was not found caked inbetween the creases

After about 8 hours of wear, there was no creaselines formed and the eyeshdaow colour still there! Only part that has e/s and foundation caked was found to be at the inner eye area, where that part is my deepest eyelid fold.

1. Though it looks creamy when applied on, it smooths out into a thin layer with tinted light beige colour.
2. It lightens the skintone, feels matt after blending out the primer.
3. Eyeshadow colour does not appear to be more intensed or brighter when put ontop of primer.
4. Eyeshadows colour however will stay longer with the primer used.
5. Does minimise crease lines formed by e/s & foundations.
6. Eyeshadow still remains rather intense after rubbing it off, compared to no primer used.

This is by far the best this primer can do for me.
For a $4.50 eyelid primer, I can't expect more! ^___^ So far, I like it! *thumbs up* If you wish to get one, Clicky here!


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