New KissMe (HEAVY ROTATION) Cosmetics in SG!

Recently I saw Watsons having more of Kiss Me products, and realised its the HEAVY ROTATION cosmetics! OHHHH~ How excited I am!
The last time I blogged about Heavy Rotation, was 3 months ago when there was only a few of that range sold in Watsons.
I gotten the lightest brown shade of the eyebrow mascara and lip concealer then (as shown above, taken from KissMe) fromTaiwan Ebay. I loving those 2 products till now!
Some other new launched products shown in Japan Kiss Me site got me lemming on them especially all the eyebrow products! I am so going to get them once my MMajorca's eyebrow products finish soon!

This powder eyebrow is one of my must get! It said its in powder form and its Waterproof. It somehow kind of reminds me of my MMajorca's powder eyebrow too. I want to get the lightest shade, hoping that Watsons will have that shade!

This Volume Down eyebrow mascara looks so tempting too! I bet its as waterproof as the first posted eyebrow mascara since it also write as MULTI-PROOF, meaning to say that its strong against sweat, water, sebum and rubbing or so it say. ^.^ (And I agree!)
This surely is good for girls who have thick and dark eyebrows who want to volume down the shade. Definitely gona be a saver for the group of ladies who falls under this category! Though I have thin and little eyebrows but I always wanted to have a nude looking eyebrow as like the japanese girls, so this is a must get for me!
Maybe it could also be use for covering mini new grown hairs around your eyes if you're lazy to pluck them? hehehex...
Have you seen any eyeliners designed with a flat brush? This is too interesting for me not to try it. I hope this weird design is useful and the brush doesn't fray easily. With such thin brush, it usually will fray much faster than a normal thickness tip brush head. Its not very expensive hence I would say that its still worth a try!
Lastly, this multi base got me thinking of how MAT (MATT?) it is. It comes in 2 shades... Hence I would think that the base should be lotion/cream type? If it is silicon, I would definitely get one to try! So... as for now I will look around and see if there are any testers to try.. :3
And that's all for HEAVY ROTATION! I do hope the newest range had come to Watsons! Can't wait to get them! >▽<

All pictures taken from: (Now known as Isehan - edited 2012)


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