miwitch's method of DIY Hair dyeing - Step by Step

As stated in the heading, here is MY method of DIY Hair dyeing.
I am just a novice in hair dyeing. As mentioned before, I always have a friend (who is both very good and gentle in hair dyeing my hair) to dye my hair for me but she is rather not free for this month, hence I must take this challenge to dye my long hair MYSELF!! *SHOWS FIST* ≫∧≪ ("")
This is infact a hair bleach, not hair dye! After bleaching, I can dye my hair but miwitch is lazy............... OK! Let's get on with it!

Some previews of my hair before the dyeing process.... And the tools to begin with:
1. Toilet paper : what for?! For cleaning the dye off your face, hands, etc...
2. Hair Clips : those that salons often use
3. Newspaper : To cover up my table and the floor around me incase the dye splat onto them
4. Hair Dye Ingredients : Usually consist of only 1 & 2, but this brand (Somang Hair Bleach) includes a 3, which is the nutrition oil. See more pics here
5. Hair Shampoo, Pack (Treatment) samples & tube : Usually included in the pack, but Somang gives additional tube of Hair Pack that can last for 1 week.
5. A plastic bowl : To contain the hair dye mix
6. Hair dye comb/brush : To mix the ingredients in the bowl, and to transfer the mix to your hair using the brush side
7. (forgotten to take pic) Plastic/ Rubber Gloves : You do not want to stain your hands with the dye!~
8. Plastic covering for your shoulders & body : Usually includes in some hair dye packs, if don't, you can purchase it at Daiso

Step by Step in DIY Hair Dyeing:
1. Split your hair into Front (your bangs area) and Back (back of head) sections, hairclip the Front Portions together so it wont move to the back while you dye the back part.
2. Then split your Back portion into Up and Down sections, clip the Upper portion to top of your head
3. Further split the Down sections into Left and Right sections, clip either left/right parts and leave the other side ready for hair dyeing process.
▶▶▶ Refer to below 1st pic: Roughly, you can see the Up Down sections. Don't complain about messy as I can't SEE what I'm doing! >_<" As the back has too much hair, I had further split the Down sections to smaller sections
4. Starts hair dyeing by using the brush to transfer the dye mix to near your roots and brush towards your hair ends (Here, I only brush down to half of my hair, because my hair ends are already bleached)
5. With your fingers, rub the dye into your hair roots, roots are harder to capture dyes because they are very well moisturised by your scalp, are oily, hence dye cannot 'eat' in easily.
*Note: Do not rub the dye into your scalp! If your dye touches your scalp, let it be. Don't need to clean it off or rub it in otherwise your hair don't get dyed or your scalp gets burnt
6. After rubbing, use the comb side of your brush to comb from roots towards hair ends, so the dye is evenly distributed to every hair strands.
5. Once finished with the lower section, slowly moves one level up by letting go the Upper section bit by bit.
7. Repeat Step 4. until you finished all the back portion.
8. Do the same to your Front portion, starting from the hairs growing nearest to your face (ie, sideburns and above forehead)
9. Move upwards bit by bit till you finished all the front portion.
10. Lightly comb your hair upwards & towards hair ends to further distribute the dye evenly
11. If you have some remainings of the dye, you can use it all up by putting them all around the outer circumference of your hair
12. Bring all your hair up and rest it at the top of your head.
13. Wrap your hair up with the plastic covering
14. Wait for about an hour (Sometimes I waited for almost 2 hours! Because I am kiasu. Neh~ Its just that my black hair is very hard to capture the dye)

Step by Step in Washing & Blow Drying:
1. Use room temp (not warm or hot!) water to rinse off all hair dye, don't get any dye run through your face & into your eyes (Usually I tilt my head downwards to rinse)
2. Shampoo your hair and then rinse off
3. Take alot of hair treatment and spread all over your hair, including scalp (Some parts of my scalps get irritated and turned red, hair treatments are good for relieving the scalding sensations.)
*Note: Some might use scalp treatments and hair treatments seperately. For me, hair treatments are almost as good as scalp treatments.
4. Massage the treatment gently into your hair.
5. (Skip this method if you have no scalp irritations) Lightly rub on the areas of the scalp where irritation occurs, then place your palm against it for few seconds. It will calm and soothe the scalp.
6. Wait for 10-15 mintues to allow the hair be moisturised by hair treatment
7. Rinse your hair
▶▶▶ Refer to below 1st pic: My hair when still damp. Don't get deceived by this hair colour!
8. Use towel to lightly pat dry (Don't rub it against your scalp), use 2 hands wrap with towel and let your hair fall between 2 hands, pat your hair by doing a clapping method with your hands. Pat from your roots down to hair ends.
9. Blow dry your hair, using cool wind. (High temperature will damage your newly dyed hair, making it even drier)
*Note: Your hair now is quite fragile, dry, and your scalp feels tingling, so don't tug your hair hard when you run your fingers through them. The hair ends might appear to be all tied up, so seperate them gently.
▶▶▶ And TADA! Let's see how my hair turns out...

Well, I think I can do better than this in future.. Although I am using Hair Bleach, it should have been lighter than this colour. Nonetheless, my hair is not black anymore! (Considering that I done it myself and my arms went numb from doing all the work at the back of my head...=_=")

The pros of DIY Dyeing my hair:
1. Increase my hair volume in some ways
2. Increase fluffiness (make sense?)
3. Makes my hair look & feel less oilier (because dry hair absorb my natural sebum from scalp)
4. Easier to style
5. Stays in shape for longer hours after curling it
6. Lastly, makes me look japan-ish! ≥▽≤

The cons of DIY Dyeing: (most people will know)
1. Frequent bleaching/dyeing spoils your hair (eg, split ends, frizzy hair etc)
2. Harms your scalp (Some people might think after frequent dyeing for many years, you might get cancer/disease, hair starts to fall... EEeek! Now, I'm just escaping from the truth...sigh~)
3. Scalp's deadskin sometimes will break into flakes after few days of dyeing (usually it happens to me for a week, after which it'll returned to normal)
4. Uneven hair colour (if done DIY, like mine. ~_~)
5. Usually 1 bottle of dye is not enough for shoulder length hair, you need to buy 2 or more! $$$flys~

If you can think of any other pros & cons, that will further add into my lists...

For all ladies who wish to DIY your own hair, do post an entry about it and share with me! ^_^ I've still got many to learn about hair dyeing!

Lastly, while I was bleaching my hair, I saw GATSBY commercial on TV, its so funny!! XD EVEN if its not REAL...


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