LOTD: By Majolica, For Majolica (Chapter 27 Workshop Dream A Dream)

na knowing that I'm a fan of Majolica Majorca products ever since before it was even brought into Singapore, asked me along to the workshop and YES I was on OFF that day!, so I must say YES to this workshop! XD~
Still remembering me and Amber go Gaga over the MM counters at Watsons when it first arrived Singapore! Now thinking back, we are kinda Siao... =_="
So, yesterday (25th May) she brought me along for the Majolica Majorca Chapter 27 Workshop~

At the workshop, I was rather shy to talk to the other bloggers, I guessed I know them but they don't know me, so my eyes just wonder around ~(◐_◐) I only could recognise Diana, Kas (she recognises me because of my hair.hhahax~), Christy from there..

Before I begin the MU, lets see my bare makeup face.... (ε_ε|||) Urgh... yes, my droopy eyes are the killer!)

na's so thoughtful to bring her brushes for me to use (becos she knew I'm either always lazy or I forgot about it. right? =p).. and I brought all my MM MU stuffs plus curler & eye primer to share with her.
After all the doodle-ing on the face canvas... (See someone's cleav....there..)
this pic taken from MM Facebook

♡♥☆★!!We transformed into Beauty Tranformers!!♡♥☆★

Glad that I had put on ELF Eyelid Primer (my one and only eye primer so far!) so all the creases are gone!
Following pics taken at home! (Due to dim lamp lighting, colours appeared might differ from original)
ROAR~ v≥⌂≤

Under flash, the makeup shows up better and nearer to the true colours.

And now for Camwhore~~~~~

Makeup done using: (shown in below pics)
1. My own bought products
2. Sample products provided from Majorlica Majorca's workshop.
Just gota the Pure And Captivating(Sap Spell) Liner as its so pretty when put at the lower lash line~
My eye MU used more of Mid-day Dream palette (pink colour) but I still mix a tiny bit of Midnight Dream (purple). I didn't touched the bases and eye gloss though. I'm scared the gloss will wipe off my eye MU.
The Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara infact does give some volume to my lashes (I applied 2 layers) and makes it stay up and does not droop. And its so easy to remove with eye remover too!

Above pictures of MM products taken from: Andy Lee's blog

Lastly, the pouch that I wanted... (saw from advertisement) and I got it! =D
Inside are 2 nail polishes~

Thanks for scrolling up and down so much! ♥♥♥
◈◈◈Coming up: ELF Eyelid Primer review, Fashion shot with fashion hauls


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