Shot 27 Apr 2010, LOTD, Haul

OOTD name : Vibrancy!
Trying to match some strong colours stuffs together, thats why the name.. :S Mainly combi of pink,purple,green,blues...
Inner top - overseas
Highwaist skirt - Bugis
Stockings - overseas
Checkered mens blouse with hoody - AMK HUB
Halfcalf brown boots - overseas
Went shopping around with Na ,trying to look for Sana MU base but end up can't find any on that day.
Check out pics of me and her, clicky HERE

The day before, I was trying out this green-blue look.. (Seriously, I was thinking of mermaid but I phailed to achieve the effect I want ~>_<~)
I wore this look again to match my outfit when I went out with Na, and then my MU oxidised and my face turned dark!... OTL|||
without flash -> with flash

To start out, I must confess that I didn't apply eye base except for concealer. Hence the colours are abit dull on my lids.

Yet again, miwitch is lazy person so photos shall speak for mi! \^o^/~
Base & Highlight: Canmake, VOV Palette (white)
Eyeshadows: VOV, O2 Skin (green)
Liners: O2 Skin (blue), MUFE Frost Grey Pencil (not in pic)
Mascaras: Rimmel (I shouldn't have used this! It makes my lashes droop!), Majolica Majorca, Pupa (gold)
Eyebrow mascara: KissMe Heavy Rotation (not sold in SG)

It is so true that one who practice more will do a better job. Its been a year since I started to practice my eye MUs again.. My skills had gone to drain (or that I am not talented at all..) This makeup though looks nice in some angles but I agree with Na that it makes my eyes look droopy. But I was feeling very tired too these few weeks from overworking hence I feel that green-blue MUs kinda make me look even more tired.
Basically important thing is I had to brush up my MU skills again...when and IF I can find any free time!

1 item Haul
Sana Pore Putty Clear Makeup Base $19.90: At last I got it today from Watson when I went Orchard again... Heard from Na that it was $16.90/$17.90(?) previously... and now the price got higher!
Its a silicon base, very matt, not oily but once I apply on my hand, my fingers have this oily feeling. But that feeling is not oil, probably because the base is too smooth that my fingers thought it felt oily! ^.^"

In comparison with DrJart Pore-X Recover Pre-Base , Sana's one felt more matt. Wherelse Dr Jart leaves a more oilier after feel on my fingers.
I had yet to use Sana's on the face. I hope it is as good as what Na had mentioned! ^_^ See her own review on Sana Pore Putty.

There is one more clear silicon base that I knew of, is Pupa. Na said it was very oily, but I couldn't really remember is it that oily or not, but they do come in 3 colours. Green, Purple and Clear, Cool huh?! Some Sasa has Pupa items, any ladies interested to use Silicon Base can also try out Pupa!


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