Shot 13 Apr 2010, Teethcare to Skincare to Makeup Hauls

13 April: A mixture of spring with winter style..... Uh hum, who am I joking? I just ran out of ideas of matching up my clothings!
My top was purchase at Bugis, match with black cotton leggings from Dorothy Perkins (bought at special offer and glad that it was long enough for me!), and no brand furry ankle boots from overseas. And surprisely, this top makes my bust look fuller.. ^_^"""
Wore this outfit and went out with Selphie to Chinatown, I HAD to go get my stuffs after not being able to go out for 1 whole month cos of work! (Most of the time end up buying stuffs online.. -_-")

Watsons Haul: All about teeth... And I FINALLY FOUND BF Cooling Mist!!!)(%)($%_)^($%+)(&@&$^ (I'm too happy to express my feelings the right way)
Only after I bought Colgate Whitening Toothpaste did I saw many blogged about Theramed.. I am using Colgate's now and hoping to see some results soon!!

IvyCosmetics Hauls: All about Skincare and Makeup

Callas Lip Liner $9.90 (free 1 refill) & Callas Lipstick $14.90:
I found out that the lipstick was kinda spoilt after I opened it up at home hence no swatches.. :(
I had been using Callas Lipliners for 2 years now. It is so far the nudest liner I can find (to cover pigmented lips) and is retractable, unlike the MAC lipliners which need to be sharpened. Callas lipliner has a nude pink and nude beige colour, and I liked both!

Shiseido Eyelash Curler Refill Pads $5.60
Ogle Fake Eyelashes (3 for $7)
: I got 2 & Sel got 1. I don't use fake eyelash in daily basis.. I probably only touch them about once every quarter year. ^_^"
Eyelid stickers $3.90
Eyelash Curler $9.90: My previous' casing is in bad condition, I got frustrated and went to get a new one. Tried this new one and liked it better than the old!

Flare Short Black Fake Lower Eyelashes $2.90: Deciding to share with my fellow cosplay groupmates with this lower lashes when intime for dressup!
Ogle Fake Eyelashes: Like the fact that the bone is thin unlike some others where the bones base are thick and unbendable which will irritate my eyelids.

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate (3 for $19.90): While everyone are using it now, I HAD to get one to try too! Indeed its sooo smooth after application!
Clinique Moisture Surge $12: Forever no stocks when I always ask for it... Luckily that day they have alot!

Some interesting facts of using this Eyelash Curler... Will it actually do that?

Lancome Blanc Expert Anti-Dark Circles Eye Serum ($9.90)
Full product is $65. Texture is smooth thin lotion kind, after effect is matt smooth. I saw some shiny particles from the content and realise it does have MICA in it (underlined in below pic)..

Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield Sunblock ($9.90)
I had been wanting to check out the new range of Lancome Blanc Expert, namely the Blanc Expert GN-White Agefight which is a whitening serum designed to fight skin yellowing and loss of firmness. (Half copied from the website). Saw from 女人我最大, intro by the teacher and I'm so tempted to get it! But the full product price is $185! Hence I wanted to get sample size to use instead... ^_^""
Sadly at IvyCosmetics, all I can find was the dark circles serum and sunblock.
The old version of UV Expert I had was NeuroShield, while new one is GN-Shield.

Front Door Mini Haul:
A guy came knocking at my door one night and introduced this $4 nail buffer to me (Originally sold at $7.90, so ex!). It was few cents ex than Bodyshop's even after discount, but I still bought 1 to try since when you will have someone selling you such things at your doorsteps?
1 look at it, I feel that the address printed on every side is totally not neccessary. I will get black inks on my nails if I were to buff over those words.
After using, I had decided not to patron this site as the buffer is none better than Bodyshop's. The Step 1 once used, you can't used it again for 2nd time as the surface had became flattened.
The good side is only the last step for making your nails shine. And that's all for reviewing this $4 nail buffer. =_="


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