Product Review: Rohto Cool Eye Drops

I had not long ago came across Rohto Eye Drops (just a month back only). Immediately, I was attracted to one of the range: ROHTO COOL (Redness Relief) which was also used by Michelle Phan.
You can see her vid in the Rohto site too:

I've seen raves and reviews and saying how good it was, I was so willing to try it! I'd looked over the internet to find a local source or spree but most of them are only taking in the Japan version of Rohto eye drops, currently popular one is the Lychee (so the eyedrop will taste like lychee? ^_^")

But I'm only interested in US version, so I intend to go to buy it from Ebay.

I bought from this Ebay seller:
He was selling the Rohto eye drop in a pack of 3s, which I think is more worth to get it. (Actual LINK)
Price is US$16.90 for 3packs, shipping to Singapore was $6.99 (however no tracking), total convert to SGD was $34.14.
After calculation, each pack is about SGD$11.38. Not bad eh~

After 2 weeks+, the parcel's here! The eyedrop is rather big comparing to the usual eyedrops i always use. And looks cute there too!
There is expiry date is written at bottom of box.

Here comes MY RED EYES! Girls, Don't faint yah... ^_^""
I'm one person whose eyes are red & yellow all the time. All these caused by sleeping at odd hours, not enough sleep, straining the eyes, seeing too much monitors, stressed from work, fatigue, etc. My eyes are 1 of the most sensitive area, I often tear even without makeup on. And I feel my eyes are always dry regardless how much eye drops I use.
My eyes are such a troublesome thing to take care, sometimes I just WISHED I could dig out my eyes and wash it under a running tap. OUCH, Ssss...

When I first use Rohto Cool Eye Drop, the first drop to my eye was kinda like an ice wrapped with 2 layers of cloth put onto my bare eyeball.
The feeling isn't as icy as I thought it would be, and I don't feel uncomfortable. If I keep my eyes closed, it feels Ok. If I open my eyes, it will feel a little icy but bearable.

Product test: Right Eye (No Photoshop was done to the eyeballs & red veins, I only PSed the area outside my eyeballs)
1st pic: Before using Rohto
2nd pic: 2 drops of Rohto, after half a minute
3rd pic: After 1 minute +
Effect, Wow! Although not up to my expectation (I expected ALL the red will go away), nonetheless its still good enough.

Product test: Left Eye (No PS was done to the eyeballs & red veins, I only PSed the area outside my eyeballs)
1st pic: Before using Rohto
2nd pic: 2 drops of Rohto, after half a minute
3rd pic: After 1 minute +
My left eye was alot redder than my right eye at that moment, hence I think rohto only works best for normal non-frequent red eye cases. Frequent/permanent red eyed person will find the result not that great as they think. (Like my case)

Product test: Both eyes after using Rohto (I PSed the red veins to be sharper and more viewable)
Usually my red veins will appear more in the inner corner of eye (near nose part) than the outer corner.
Rohto indeed relief alot of my redness however, my eyeball still look yellowish at some places. Yellow eyeballs usually are caused by fatigue and not enough sleep (for my case). Red eyes are caused by dryness and discomfort (for my case too).

Note: Rohto Cool Eye Drop is only to be used on your eyes, Not with your contact lens on.
I use it every start of the day, 2 drops, before my skincare routine, and for about half a day later my eyes will slowly turn alittle bit reddish again. But to compare a day without Rohto, it is definitely ALOT better with Rohto!

Rohto C Cube Eye Drops: For contact lens wearers
I bought it from Gaurdian for about $7 or so. Does not relief redness, its just a moisturiser for dry eyes/lens.

I hoped this review of my SCARY EYEBALLS & ROHTO does not make you all faint! (^______^;)

I am in no way affiliated with Rohto company or any organisations or am I representing them.


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