MUFE Haul & Concealers ~ Review & Comparison

Recent Haul from Sephora
Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette No 5 - $59: Light Beige, Dark Beige, Green, Purple, Orange shades
Make Up For Ever Crayon Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil - $32: In Frost Grey shade (22L)

Gift from Na (everbluec)! I am lemming for more concealers and nude lipsticks, she always know what I want.. ^_^
Here is MUA Concealer & NYX Circe Lipstick~

Reviews: MUA, MAC, EDM, MUFE Concealers
MUA: I find this concealer veeeery smooth, easy to glide on, comparing to MUFE and MAC.
MAC: Driest among the cream concealers, however I think it conceals better than MUA & MUFE because it is dry, it will not glide off easily when I trying to put foundation ontop of it
EDM: Mineral powder form, drier than cream concealer but I find it has the best conceal factor so far.
MUFE: Smooth, however not so buildable, unlike MAC. Hence the concealer will not look very thick but it also kind of glides off easily when I touched it.

My Ideal Concealer
I only use concealer under my eyes to cover dark circles. Only once a bluemoon I will need it to hide my other flaws such as pimples, dark spots/scars..
I am very happy with EDM Peach & Abbott's Perk Me Up(Peach+Yellow) Concealer because so far their concealing power is the best that I've came across. However they will cause wrinkles to become very visible. =(
I wanted to try other concealers that can give me the effect of EDM's and has a perfect Peach shade, I reckon it will be quite an obstacle for me unless I could bring myself to spend more money on a tiny weeny concealer... (5 concealers for $59, doesn't hurt me as much as $49 for 1 concealer.. ^_^")

MUFE Mix & Match
To get the perfect Peach shade as of EDM's, I mixed Orange & Light Beige.. In the pic, you can see I had done 2 mixes below EDM's Peach swatch.

MUA & MUFE Mix & Match
You add more Orange, it gets more Peacher and you add more beige, you get lighter peach.
Up to now, I'm still experimenting how to get my perfect dark circle concealer. >,< I had thought of adding MAC into the mixture in future to see if it will become EDM Abbott's shade.

Experiment of MUFE Concealer
On my right undereye. I shall warn all viewers: NOT to open this file if you are afraid of seeing a ghostly eye!
Neh... just kidding. XD
But yeah, I find that the half eye look kinda scary in this pic, hence I covered it up with some stars... I hope it helps to reduce the scariness.... much. ^_^"
Just to clear some parts incase some of you wonder...
1. I have combi skin, some parts turned or look oily when I put my moisturiser on.
2. I have dry undereye, hencesome concealers caked inbetween the creases/wrinkles, especially if it is cream concealers.
3. My skintone is yellowish/peach but usually my MU I will choose a lighter shade of yellowish-beige.
4. First pic -> Last pic sequence: No concealer -> MUFE Peach mix concealer -> Layered with MAC C25 -> Applied White Silica powder ontop -> EDM Foundation

And that is all~ I hope you girls who are using good corrector/concealers, pls introduce it to me too! I am currently lemming on YSL and Bobbi Brown's Correctors.
I know and heard that they are good from here and there resources and raves... Its really up to me to decide if I want to fork out that much money to buy just 1 corrector! (I am such a troublesome person ya i know.. U_U")

Thanks for reading this review! ^_^


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