FR3B Hauls: Covermark, Dr.Wu, Dr Jart & NOTD

Previously, I blogged about Covermark Moisture Veil foundations comparing between the old and the new LX version.
I had ordered from Fr3b the new LX foundation set @ $83.74 then, and here are the pics & further review of the it.
Review of Covermark Moisture Veil LX Base Foundation, Part 2: (Part 1 click here)
1. Smooth to apply, powder is alot finer than old version and can hide large pores well.
2. The shade is perfect for my skintone, although its half a shade darker than my previous' but LX makes my skin look more natural and makes it look like I didn't have alot of MU on. It is unlike the old version where I can see that the MU is rather thick although the amount I applied is not.
3. It brightens my skintone colour quite well. (My skin is dull, with thick MU sometimes is still not able to make my face any brighter)
3. Coverage is as good as the old one (light-medium coverage)
4. Wet apply (using a damp sponge) has a better stay on my skin compare to applying it dry
5. Foundation stays well for whole day (12 hrs+), only T-zone area became oily. But comparing to the old version, using LX my face look more matt.
6. After long hours of wearing, the foundation did not melt/smudge, except for T-zone area where it's being melted a little by the sebum.
6. After cleansing, face feels smooth, minimum clogged pores.

Samples: Covermark Deep cleansing oil, Treatment Cleansing Milk, Mineral Soap

Samples: Moisture Clear Base (in tinted beige colour), Hydro Intensive Lotion, Skinclear Emulsions

Aww... isn't this nice.. A bag hanger (to place this on edge of table and hang bag on the hook area). I had been wanting to get one and now I got it in a MU set! ^_^

Originally sold at Robinsons: Casing $22, Foundation $60 - Total should be $82. This set is really worthwhile with all those freebies in it ^_^

Another GOLD pouch I got now~ (likey the matt gold texture!) Its rather big and it can store the new LX long foundation casing)

The LX new casing is so pretty! Black base with gold shimmerings, its as big as a cellphone. When you put it on your hand, some might think that it IS a cellphone! ^_^ The back of the casing is in Chrome Gold! And reflects!
2 Big s is that the mirror is bigger and longer now.. and the spongey is seperated from the powder! ^.^v~

Let's stop for commercial break!

NOTD: Skinfood Milk Creamy Prism Nail #2
Without flash -> with flash

Pic taken from Skinfood
A shop selling MOSAIC brand nail polish opposite my working place, hence bought 1 to try out. Glitters!
Without flash -> with flash

Back to topic!!
Other Fr3b hauls & brief reviews...
Dr Wu Hydrating Lotion & Hydrating Serum: Both texture are nice, watery-cream, easily absorbed into skin. However after effect is that my skin will feel very sticky! But after applying another moisturizer ontop, the stickiness feeling will be gone. I might consider to buy, but maybe not these 2 products.
I had yet to try their whitening range but tested once at Watsons on back of my hand, it gave me an immediate effect of whitening. OoO!
DrJart Pore-X Recover Pre-Base: Clear transparent MU primer, when applied it feels smooth but has an oily touch (but its not oily, its just the texture feels smooth-oily rather than smooth-powdery ^_^") . I assume that its like silicon base (like Sana brand MU primer). After applying foundation, the skin feels very smooth and almost flawless. It matifies the skin well, and MU stays for whole day except for T-zone area which I feel that the primer
doesn't make the MU stay well enough on oilier skins. So far, I'm ing it for it covers up my large pores and makes my skin smooth!

Thank you for reading! And I'm half dozing off already at this hour.... ~_¬


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