Collective Haul: Spring Beauty ~ Fashion ~ Uriage ~ Renew

Before I start, just to say that I had change my blog theme (yah~ any eyes can see that.. ~_~). The theme is miwitch's Vintage style. And my vintage style, isn't vintage at all.
Oook, i'm talking rubbish here now as I'm drunk with tiredness.. Let's roll then!

Here comes some overdued hauls...

Spring Beauty Haul

O'ulla Soft Care Pads $1 each
Kitoko Katani Masks 8 for $19.90: my usual prefered masks, and they gave me a free KK eyeliner (which I don't like it but they force me to take it =_=")
Clean & Clear Oil Control Film $2.90

Fashion Haul
Colourful Checkered Hoody Men's Blouse $39.90: Bought from AMK HUB shop name MESSY
My eye sparkled at the look of this blouse being hung on the top rack... Though its rather short for a men's blouse (and me) but I like the bright colour contrast! I am stilling looking for a decent Red-Black checkered long blouse, but to no avail!

NYX Haul: Ordered from Cherub's Lips
Lipsticks 3 for $14.90
Lipgloss 2 for $10.90

In actual, the colours are still slightly different from the pics, most likely affected by my room's orange lightings.
Narcissus is Hot pink colour on the lips, but in the swatches, it doesn't appear so... =\

I wore one of the lipsticks and took some pics, but now I couldn't remembered what was the lipstick I wore.. It seems to be PARIS.
Gah... my tired face and wearing home clothes.. ^_^" Mimi is ever so furry~~~

Likey this lip colour~ NYX lipsticks really are more long lasting than my other drugstore brand lipsticks!

Lastly, a byebye wink from Mimi!~

Watsons newest Haul 
Uriage Rinse-Free Cleansing Lotion $32.90: For Combi-Oily skins. After reading Na's haul post, i just gotta try it too! But hers is for sensitive skins.
Uriage Thermal Fluide (Moisturizer) $32.90: For Normal-Combi skins. The word "Free-Radicals" on the box draw me to it! ^.^
Renew Purifying Facial Exfoliator $20.35: Contains Rose Hip Oil. Last bottom 2 pics are the exfoliator, the white particles kinda feel like salt but it ain't because it doesn't dissolve even though after rubbing it many rounds on my hand.
Beauty Formulas Cooling Mist $1.95 each: Call me CRAZY as I REALLY like collecting bottle and bottles of Cooling mists!! I just can't do without it in the hot season!


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