Shot 28 Feb, Natas Fair 2010, Watsons Fair

Meeting few friends to Expo Natas Fair to take a look at the Japan trip packages/tickets/accomodations for next year... (We planned so darn early! Not a single travel agent company can quote us the price!)

Wearing all black~ Yesyes, very skinny already still wear black i know... ~_~ Its been quite sometime I start collecting black outfits again.. was previously into gothic, punk, visual kei.. and then suddenly flora, antique, hime styles, influenced heavily by Jap sub-culture. And now? Korean wave... heh heh..
I found that the $7 necklace i bought is kind of out of place.. Ah.. wat the heck.

The LOTD~ In a rush, so the eye MU is light.. (In hurry still can take so many pics?! *smacks ownself*) And the stuffs I used are....

Was paying the ticket to enter NATAS Fair when my hp message rang. The girl at counter swipped my mastercard halfway, looked up and say "Ah~ah~! Ring Ding Dong!!"
I looked up at her, she looked at me, and we both smiled ^______^ hehehex.. Kpop fan there at the counter!
Walking around and I saw this BIGGGGG AD!!! *Dedicate to Ariya!* I prefered if they are Shinee and 2PM. XD~

Next, the WATSONS FAIR. Was so excited in beginning but when I enter, I got so disappointed. X...(
So much things I want to buy but they don't have.. They only have like Vichy, DHC, MMajorca (limited stuffs!), ZEA...
Here are the stuffs I bought by running thru Watsons Fair and Watsons outlet in Compass Point. Had been aiming to get Neutrogena Hydro Boost range for sometime but sadded that they didn't appear in Watsons Fair..
I was introed by a sales lady to Bio-essence, thinking maybe I should give it a try again since the last time I used was (some serum?) few years back.
Bought the Deep Exfoliating Gel and Hydra spa energy-lotion. She made me try their Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream (8 in 1), feels good on my hand not oily but I didn't want to buy so she gave me a sample. She's so friendly~ ^_^
By just spending at Watsons, 170 monies flew off from my pocket.

+ misc, etc, food, travel... Spent ~250 monies for just a day.. Phew!

Here shows a rather new cutie cake shop in Compass Point call The Icing room. So cute that I had to bought their muffins to try out! =P~


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