Shot 14 & 15 Mar 2010 , Puma - Adidas - Watsons - Nature Republic - Guardian Hauls

Right... From the title, u see I had been spending much lately again...
Here goes my new hauls and OOTDs.
Puma Hoody Jacket - Black with GOLD Trimmings! At first look, I LOVE IT! It was on sales and was the last piece in M size (although it felt like it was being tried on for several times but I don't mind!) This is what I always called it - FATE. This jacket is fated to be with me. Heheex..
Bought it at Junction 8 @ $44.50
Camwhoring abit in the fitting room.. ^_^"

Bought on the same day, the Adidas Jacket - White long (in size M but it was larger & longer than Puma's, specifically made just for the tall mi! =p)
It was originally $99 but has 30% off, so I grabbed it! Bought at $69.30. (The 3 stripes is designed along the length of the sleeves in white color!)
Initially I wanted to pick a valentine edition jacket (white with hearts all over) but it was rather short for me :( And it has not discounts!

On the same day again, I bought...
Nature Republic Powder Masks - It comes with a half filled small bottle and a packet of powder. Yet to use them! But quite excited about how It's done! :D
Aqua the ocean Facial Foam - I had used few times, I find its just a normal facial foam.. It cleanse squiky clean but it hurts my eyes alot when the foam are near them. Conclusion: I going to give to someone else... :(

At Watsons I bought...
Radox Body Wash - I had been trying so hard to find this brand! At last I saw it, just a few pieces lying on the shelf. This one tube cost about 9 bucks already.. After using it, body feels moisturized! Not like the normal body wash I used (previously Bodyshop's) which it feels dry after coming out of shower.
Bourjois 'Pretty Paris' Blusher - #16 Rose coup a foudre. ♥ the packaging! Its so cute! (cover design viewable on the reflection of mirror) The brush however is rather stiff (even after cleansing) and poky to my skin.. Bought at $20.90 less 20%!

Bourjois Blusher swatch

At Gaurdian, I bought...
This is something that I do not need but itchy hand want to spend money... sigh..
Silky Girl Lipsticks 'Moisture Gloss' - 2 for $10.90
It looks great when its on my hand in the store, but it looks weird when I swatch again at home..
And when I wear them, I can't help to just rub it off immediately. I look rather weird in these colour although in the pics it look so nice!
Or I am just not used to seeing my lips too red. =_="
Argh my mistake.. the swatch is opposite position from the lipsticks..


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