Product Reviews: Radox, Loreal Paris, Covermark

Here are a few product reviews on my current favourite Bodycare, Haircare and Foundation.
Let's start with Radox Smoothie Body Wash Review

(Taken from

Radox is a brand under Sara Lee (You know, the Sara Lee cake?) Radox website is:
Radox Smoothie Body Wash comes in 3 different blends.There are Soul Soother, Energise and Natural Balance.
I had bought the Natural Balance, because I see honey and i'm attracted to it. hahhax..

The reason why the Body Wash is not drying after shower because most of the ingredient are Milk hence the creamy texture. And they make this Body Wash look like a fruit smoothie, and smells like one too!
Right.. I know this is abit disgusting... I had used this for weeks, so pls excuse me.. =_=
The brown thingy you see are actually the almond ingredients.
The cap is at the bottom of the tube, so you need not squeeze the tube to get the content out. It eventually FLOWS out of the tube easily and nicely just like a smoothie. Sometimes it flows alittle too fast that I can't get in time to close the cap and stop the flow, so I end up using quite alot of it.. Dang wasted!

[STOP] My camera dropped into the basin with a big BANG! and I thought I broke it!! Phew~ luckily it didnt, but a very small part of the casing chipped off and went underneath the casing, I can hear it 'clittering' away when i shake my camera. =_="

As you can see, when added water, there're almost no bubbles! (There are some tiny mini itsy bitsy bubbles if your eyes can see it..) because... Its SOAP FREE! And that's why its more moisturised in compare to the normal body wash.

Next stop: Loreal Paris Elsève Nutri-Gloss Light Caring Shampoo (what a long name..)
Price: $11.50 @ Watson

I had been using Burts Bee shampoo as introduced by Na because I have a very oily scalp. Although Burts Bee shampoo makes my hair non-oily but it is also too drying. At about 3/4 of the day passed, my scalp starts to produce oil again. I assume it is because Burts Bee shampoo makes my scalp too dry so the scalp reproduce sebum at the end of the day and it produce double the amount instead of the usual. And that, makes my scalp feels itchy and I know it's gonna smell bad too.

I was attracted by Elsève shampoo @ Watsons because of the colour, and because I saw the word "for Greasy Hair" & "Clean & Light Feel".
I decided to give Elsève another try since the last time I used it was before Burts Bee and that was Elsève Color Vive. Color Vive doesn't help for my oily scalp.

I have dyed hair and it's very dry on the ends, but I care for my scalp more than my hair ends, since I can cut away my hair anytime. ^.^"
At the back of product, I like the sentence "Does your hair turn greasy quickly: becoming dull and flat" and my answer is YESYESYES!
So I took this baby home, I can't wait no longer so i used it immediately and I must say I LOVE the result!!

I have a habit of washing my hair at night and the next day I will just go out with an unwashed head, that is because during my sleeping hours, my hair will be moisturised by the natural sebum from my scalp. The next morning, my hair will feel soft and moisturised and easily detangled with just few combs.
Elsève shampoo gives me a good hair day and a good scalp day! I can be outside for total of 14 hours and when I reached home, my hair is not oily, does not itch, does not smell, and most importantly, it still looks airy and not 'dull and flat'!
Just gonna ♥ this shampoo!
Talking about shampoo, we'll think of conditioner. To be frank, I DO NOT use any conditioner, at least for most of the time. Unless in some cases when I need to shower NOW and step out in half hour's time, then I will use conditioner (on hair ends only).
The moment my hair is blow-dried, my hair ends gets frizzy, so there are 3 methods that I will use to stop it from frizzing:
1. Go to bed and sleep or just don't go out of house for at least 3 hours to let my natural sebum moiturise my hair.
2. When outside, keep combing my hair to bring the sebum down to hair ends to moisturise them.
3. Condition my hair during shower.

Next: Elsève Nutri-Gloss ... Perfume (In Japanese, can't understand...)
This cute little thing is actually a perfume spray for hair. I got this @ Watsons many months back and its going for about $9.90?
I still see a few Watsons stores selling it recently.

You are suppose to use it when you think your hair smells bad after you have a BBQ session, or you hair dipped into a bowl of noodles soup and you are still going on a date after that..etc etc..

Well, I use this sometimes when I stand too long under the sun and my scalps getting oily and it starts to smell (I always assume when hair gets oily, it smells!)
When the cap is opened, the fragrance drifts out even before you start using it. The fragrance's rather strong, and to me, the smell is sweet cherry like. Very sweet indeed!!
It works almost like a perfume on your body because its strong, so I guess when you flip your hair, anyone standing 360 degrees around you can smell it.
Which, is a good thing. You do not want some guys to smell your smelly hair when you flip it right? hahahx..

This is a must get for me, its small and light and when you forgot to put on your perfume, you can put on this to replace your perfume!
Note that, this cannot be used on your scalp. This can only used on your hair and the fragrance will do its best to cover your scalp smell!
It also does a little part of helping to moisturise your hair, so if you have oily hair, please try not to use it otherwise you will have oilier hair!

Foundation: Covermark Moisture Veil Base Foundation (in comparison with the new Covermark Moisture Veil LX)

2 pictures taken, with flash & without flash, respectively:
On the left, the foundation is the Moisture Veil, No. 02 (old version) :
The 2nd lightest shade of the yellow tone.

On the right, 2 sample of LX, MO20 & MN30 (new version):
I've gotten this little sample of the newest foundation, Moisture Veil LX from fr3b.

As you can see in the pictures, LX MO20 & MN30 (new version) powder looks finer and smoother than 02 (old version) on my fingers.

I always preferred to use foundations that are almost 2 tones lighter than my face, because I tend to oxidize them very fast and due to my jobscope, I am always running around and standing under sun, I will sweat, my MU usually don't stay long and my face will darken by 1-2 tones after mid-day.
I tried several foundations (be it liquid, 2way, bbcream, mineral), I still prefer my Covermark because it is one of the more waterproof kind comparing it with the other brands that I had used.

I stopped at Covermark for pressed/compact foundation for already a year plus. It gives great coverage and the tone suits my skin and it can even brighten my skintone!
It can be used dry or wet. I often use it wet unless I'm in a rush.
By using it wet: I will dampen a wedge and squeeze all the water out from it. (Must make sure its damp not dripping wet) Apply foundation as usual to my face. But of course all the concealing had to be done before the foundation.
For dry use, the foundation staying power isn't as great as wet application, I find that dry application will give a little flaky finish.

All pictures below shows the foundation in dry application.

Below shows foundation applied above my jawline.
02 is lighter in shade and is in white-ivory tone.
MO20 is more yellowish (nearer to my skintone and is darker in shade comparing to 02)
MN30 is exactly same shade as my face but I do not pick that as I prefer lighter shades foundations.
To show how waterproof this foundation is (when its wet applied to my face), here is a pic of it during a photoshoot I had last year February.
This is the most extreme case that I picked out from all the shoots I had. The weather was burning hot at 35 degrees that day and I had to wear a costume and a pair of wings and stand under the sun, stayed in the humid forest, sit on scalding hot floors and do all sorts of things. My photographer was already sweating like hell, and I was too, of course.

Every few minutes or so, I will use Beauty Formula's Cooling mist to cool my body and to moisturise my face so my makeup will not melt.
Surprisingly, I only did very little touch up to my MU. I believe the reason why is because of the foundation and the cooling mist. =D
This shoot goes on from morning until evening, about 7 hours? And I'm still looking good in the MU during my dinner time.

And a pic during a cosplay event last year July. The costume is heavier and the hat stops the ventilation of air to my forehead. I was sweating and the MU melted at my forehead area, but the other parts was still quite intact. Again, moisturising with mist spray does helps me alot during hot weathers!
As you can see my face and body has different tone, I am a yellow (not dirty fellow) person, but covermark Moisture Veil 02 is whiter. But I still like that tone as it makes my face brighter and looks good in most of the photos.

I ordered Covermark Moisture Veil LX MN20 from fr3b's site:
Fr3b is giving away some samples along with the LX preorder. Great buy!
The packaging of LX is so slim and pretty! The sponge is seperated from the foundation, I like!
I hope MO20 will look good on me, if not I'll try on MN10 (the lightest shade of all) instead, otherwise I had to give up on LX range.. =_="

Thanks you all for reading such a LONG review with all the spam pics... ^_^"

I am in no way affiliated with beauty related companies like Sara Lee, Loreal, Covermark or any organisations or am I representing them.


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