Mascara: My dilemma

A continuation of new mascara seletions from everbluec's blog:
I wanted to get Mascara for volume, and I was standing there in Watsons, walk in circles to see the Fasio, then MMajorca, then Maybelline, and digging out the content to see..
Wanted to try all but I only have 2 eyes!

I had tried Magnum Volum' Express earlier on, on top of my regular MMajorca mascara when I was at Tampines mall Maybelline show.
Not bad! The brush was quite good. However my lash curler was out of batt so I couldn't recurl my lashes to know if they will stay curled after that..

Fasio one however doesn't look like the brush had any mascara content at all. Its looked far too neat for a mascara.. hahax..
While MMajorca's & Maybelline's were very creamy and full of content.

I am almost dying to buy one mascara to volume up my lashes! Pls tell me which to get! >o<
If I remember correctly, the prices are Fasio: $22.90, MMajorca: $25.90 (as per given by MM workshop), Maybelline: $18.90 (Cheap!)


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