Biggest lemming: Gold Gold Gold Nails (Conclusion: Minx)

Yes I love Gold... I love it more if its 24K GOLD. Well who doesn't huh?!!
My biggest lemming so far is Gold Nail Polish. I had been frantically trying to find different types of gold nail polish but I phailed in looking for the right one.
Often disappointed after I bought the gold nail polish and applied them on my nails. Yes they still look nice. But I will think "NO. ITS NOT THIS GOLD!!"
I wanted something that looks like the 24K Gold Bar GOLD. Not glittering, not shimmering, but yes more to Chrome... Shiny, Metallic...
Someone would have told me to melt a REAL gold bar and smack it on my fingers... -_-" I think I would get all my 10 fingers chopped off by some robber or some..... guy.

Previously I kept telling Na that the Gold i like should look matt. She and me went in many beauty stores to check out gold nail polish, but she usually ends up buying more polish than me! hahhaax..
Somehow I remembered seeing a photo with gold nails, it kinda look matt. I didn't know how to explain the colour in words and I had lost that picture, plus my memory is very bad. =_=" That picture actually made me started off looking for the RIGHT gold nail polish.
Well, this Gold lemming kept me thinking for about past a year now, so I decided to do a search on the net today... I did searched before quite long ago but couldn't find any type of gold nails I liked.
But today, surprisingly, I found something!!
They are called the MINX Nails.
I might be already outdated for half a year or so, but at least now I get to know such things DO exist!!
I am SOOOOooo EXCITED! I want to look for more pictures of these gold nails and smack them all up to my blog!!!

::: Here are all my findings :::

Pic 1 (from:

PIC 2 (from:

PIC 3 (from:

PIC 4 (from:
This nails are PERRRRRFECT!!! So Loving it!!!~


I love to take the Golden Studs! (Punk + Gold = ♥♥♥)

How Minx is applied:
More Minx designs:
Blogs about Minx nails:

Just LOVE how the nails chrome effect came out in the pictures... its even shinier than the crystals on Lady Gaga's body!

::: Conclusions :::
I think ONLY Minx Nails are the ones that I am looking for all this while..
I couldn't find any such nails then, probably because 1 year ago, Minx nails weren't so popular or had not been even born yet?
During mid 2009, many artistes suddenly start doing Minx Nails and it got so hot! (Though not that hot yet in Singapore..)

I think maybe ...I had been dreaming to be Lady Gaga since 1 year ago...?
Minx Nails = Nail Art. Expensive. Celebrity Trend. Short lifespan. Where can it be seen in Singapore?

I shall try to find a cheaper alternative. Or better still, I become a celebrity. Hahhax...

(from Nikkis Nails:
Very close to the kind of Gold nail polish I like!!
Since Minx is hard to apply and is expensive, I shall try this w7 nail polish!

Even Shoes goes Minx! (from:
I'll love to buy this shoes too if I happen to see it in malls!!

::: My Nail Polish :::
Following are the nail polish I owned. They are not alot because I am not a nail person, I only buy it because I wanted GOLD too much... and I am very much affected by someone who is a VERY nail person. ^_^"

NFU (From China/Korea? Bought from nail shop in Far East Plaza) is very yellowish but when it's on my nails, it looks WOW!! Shiny! I had gotten compliments from salesgirls and even random strangers when I am wearing NFU polish. Indeed it attracts quite a bit of attention, however after 2 days or so, the gold glitters kind of falls or fade off. You will need to coat with new layer again to maintain the shininess.

I am in no way affiliated with any beauty related companies, Minx Nails company or organisations or am I representing them.


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