1 & 6 Mar 2010 Haulsssss

Just to Thank my friend Ash: THANK U AT LAST MY WINDOWS AND PHOTOSHOP IS BACK!!!!~~~ Hohohohoho~~~ Right... back to bizness..
[[[Before I start, I would like to say: I am in no way affiliated with any beauty related companies or organisations or am I representing them.]]]

1st March.. What I gotten???
Stuffs: A flowery dress + top ($12 cheap!) + Skirt + Lace Spag Dress ($10 CHEAP!) + Cap (on it, written 2PM.com.. Ya know what I mean? ;D) + Keyboard & mouse + Windows 7 CD
Makeup stuffs: Loreal MU Base + MMajorca Eyeliner + Fake lower lash + Spongey
To see my dressup shot for 1 & 6 Mar, click HERE

The CD is sooooooo pretty to look at!!! *Sparkles*

Trying out the Loreal MU Base...
Had started using it on mi face these few days... I think its so so... For such hot weather, the primer doesn't do much good in keeping my foundation on.
I will sweat and face will produce oil, the foundation will still get abit cakey.. Lets see how it works when the weather is not THAT hot.. o_O

Trying out the lower lash.... I think its too long... Its darn hard to stick it! It kept going downwards rather than OUTwards... And by looking at my pic.. It kinds of remind me of..

KYO from Dir En Grey!!!!!!!! MUhahahahhaxxx... But of cos his is DE EXTREME! *Loves Shinya in the pic ^.^*

6th March.. What did I buy again??? Most items bought from Sasa!
3 face masks + Cyber Colors Instant Bright Bubble Mask + Crystal Deodorant + Pupa Metallic Mascara (GOLD Color!) + Fresh Mineral water proof eye liner + Rohto contact lens drop + Another Neutrogena Eye MU Remover (from gaurdian again becos their sales is still on-going!) + Another Spongey...

And here comes the BIG Pictures!!!~ (For selected items only)

The swatches are done in Sasa and it travelled all the way home with me and then pictures were taken at home, so the colours are not very fresh...
I seldom buy brown eyeliners because I always liked how black liners make my eyes look bigger... However this Fresh Mineral brown-bronze liner looks nice, so I decided to give it a try. ^_^ Its $15 for one!
PUPA bronze liner does look nice too!

PUPA has this new Black & Gold range of MU.. And it ATTRACTS me alot!!! (I am brown-gold colour lover)
They have this another range (Not sure what name?) and it has Bronze Lipgloss in 3 shades, bronzer or highlighter? in 2 shades (Quite Glittering!) , eyeshadow quad (has 1 gold color in it!), eyeliners, etc... The lipgloss are quite appealing, tempting to buy it! >_< The bronzer too!! (But kinda too glittering for me..)
This mascara comes from this collection: http://www.pupa.it/ENG/Collections/Black__Gold.htm

Before I proceed to show the gold mascara, on the top you can see I'm already wearing black mascara.. I tested the volume mascaras from Watsons.
MMajorca is not as thick as Maybelline (Ops! I missed out the brand name), but Maybelline's quite crumpy.. Yet to tried the Fasio one, because they didn't have the counter there in Tampines Watsons.. =(
Next UP! PUPA GOLD Mascara!!!
To brush this Gold mascara is not easy (or maybe because I have very little lashes.. -_-"), when brushing the mascara onto the top of my lash, the gold content will touch my lid and I have a immediate gold eyeliner on mi eye... To cover all your black lashes with gold is really not very easy task..

Taken without flash...
[edit] I nearly forgot to say this... When I buy the gold mascara, I was afraid it's not waterproof because its no where written the word 'waterproof' on its packaging... So I tried to rub the lashes with my fingers (doesn't smudge) and I removed it using my usual mascara removing method...
Its DARN HARD to remove! (probably also because I was already wearing black mascara underneath it?) Its super waterproof I tell Ya! [/edit]

I wanted to buy some more gold e/s (SOMEMORE AGAIN?! *slaps head*)
Now I'm lemming on the i nuovi Gold e/s.. Here's the swatch (As mentioned, the swatch was brought all the way from the shop to my home, so its kinda faded..)
But i nuovi's is much more pigmented than Pupa's.

The talks' are all about bubble masks recently, so I decided to try one too!! Cyber colors Bubble Mask! (Usual $59.90, I bought for $39.90!)
When you pump out, you must IMMEDIATELY put on your face. Within seconds, it formed mass of mini bubbles on your skin... After a minute or so, you'll feel the bubbles starting to pop pop pop! (The feeling is so tingling! Makes me go "Hehehhehee...!")
After effect on first use: Hmmm... Don't really feel anything different. ^_^"" Skin feels A LITTLE BIT more moisturized thats all..

And that's all for the hauls I've gotten just only within the first 1 week of March... I had broken my own rules, that is to: NOT SPEND TOO MUCH ON MAKEUP!
Urghhhhhh........ (Because I'm more of a fashion person than a MU person... =_=)


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