Skincares that I would like to buy again

There are some products which I bought in the past and stopped buying it now, not that they are not good.. Its because either I could not find it or I am lazy to travel to buy it or its just expensive that I will give a second thought buying it.
Here are the few things that I wish to get (consider it my wish list?) When will I get them, its another issue.. ^_^"

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1. Refer to most right bottle : REXSOL Collagen Serum
The period I stopped exercising after my schooling days, skin tend to become loose FAST. This collagen serum so far works well for me, it was easily absorbed into my skin and it has a rather nice smell.
I felt that it firmed up my skin quite alot and when I walk or run, I won't feel that my skin is jumping up and down (vigorously?) hahah..^_^"

2. Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang & Neroli
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In the past, I've got oily face and was introduced by my colleague to use this brand (Ylang Ylang for oily skin type).
I was not convinced in the beginning because I thought, OIL + OIL = OILIER!
Nonetheless, I tried a trial size and indeed, my face was not as oily as before! Since then, I had loved the smell of all Decleor products. They are mainly essential oils extracted from plants. And this brand is expert in aromatherapy or so they said. Aromessence is also one of their most popular among their many products.
No wonder everytime I smell their products I felt so happy and relaxed! (Addicted to it just like smoking? haha..)
After Ylang Ylang which turned my skin to combi skin, I started to try out Neroli (for normal skin). It was just as good as Ylang Ylang :)
Those bottle of Aromessence is not cheap either (cost around $100+). Considering that the bottle is small too, this product really gives me a second thought in buying it..

3. Decleor Moisturising Body Milk
Older version was a milk mist spray, this new version I think should be pump type.
When I was working in a beauty shop in the past, my colleagues and I will use this body milk mist spray to moisturise our skins whenever weather is hot and humid. Its smells like milk with flowers, cooling, and it moisturises well. Con is that whenever we spray and miss the spot, the mist will be wasted. That is maybe the reason why they changed to pump type. ^_^"

(Already had, just to review this product to all)
Delceor Expression De L'age Radiance Relaxing Eye Cream (This range suitable for age 20s)
Thanks to Na for testing this eye cream for me, I bought it (at around ~$90 minus the discount coupon I took from Na) at Tangs and was very satisfied! (At first I didn't want to buy, I was afraid I will get milia seeds on my eyes..)
The texture is inbetween liquid and cream form, nice to blend, easily absorbed and no milia seeds.
I always have very dry red eyes and dry eye lids and would usually tear if I put on makeup or if I have not enough sleep. It happens almost everyday.. poor me and my eye makeup =..(
Once i started using this product, my eyes stopped tearing! Almost immediately! I felt my eyes are pumped up and I felt my eyes are more relaxed since its been moisturized well. Even now I had little sleep and my eyes look red on the next day, my eyes still didn't tear like it always did in the past. Yippe! for my eyes! ^o^Y~
I even used it to put as a mask for about a minute and then blend it into my skin, it felt wonderfully moisturised~ ^__^

4. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel
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A very smooth gel form of moisturizer. Said to firm and hydrates the skin. I had not used it on my face but had tested it on hand and on many of my past customers' face.
Had always liked the texture of it, it felt like gel when you pump it but when smoothen out, it was watery, it kind of gives a dewy finish on the face after application.
I hesitate to buy because it was expensive.. at least to me.. =_="
Additional: From my understanding, there are spas or salons in Singapore that uses these products (Decleor & Jurlique) and from what I heard before, they are rather ex. o_O

5. Beauty Formulas Face & Body Cooling Mist
First bought it at Watsons for $1.90 each. A very cheap and very useful product to keep my face,body and hair hydrated and cooling for the whole day! (I know people will say this product will do bad to Ozone layer... -_-")
Due to my work at outdoor events, this cooling mist is a must for me! I bought it again 2nd time and got 3 bottles at a go. It cools my temperature down and at same time moisturise my face so my makeup won't cake or melt under the sun.
Now it was nowhere to be seen in watsons, I had tried to find it for few months, but they seem to have stopped getting the product.
I found this product pic on site, but the shape of the mist was rather different from what I got from Watsons (might be Watsons' one is old version?)
Will try to go Sasa to ask the next time I go hunting for it!

I am in no way affiliated to any beauty related companies or organisations or am I representing them.


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