Shot 22 & 25 Feb 2010

We had a Staff Retreat at Fort Canning on 22nd, and we were supposed to wear in sports outfit.
Hence... THIS is what I came out with.. My hairs' in pony tail (can't see from front...=_=) accompanied by my everyday simple gold eyes MU..
I was questioned by my colleague, he asked "Are you in sports outfit?" I said "Yeea, can't you SEE?" *Points at top that writes the word HOCKEY and sports shoes* He gave me a -_,-" look... HAHA..XD

At the retreat, we were surprised by a FREE tattoo booth!! And I aimed to do a GOTHIC tattoo to scare the hell out of my boss. Hurhurhur~
The sales lady asked if I am 'ban dang' because its CNY and I'm doing a skull tatoo..? If I were, I wouldn't have chose this design...
Taken on 25th Feb, wearing clothes that I've just bought.. combi of bling with what a beggar will wear.. hahhax..~

I had long ago bought O2 Skin's e/s with Nana but hadn't even start using it.. So just for fun and creativity, I tried to use MMajorca's gold liner as a base before I put the pink.
The sky was getting dark so I couldn't see the effect in my room much.. I guess there wasn't much difference, it just look plain pink to me..?
The Pink is nice I realised. I thought I would look weird in it ^_^"

miwitch is a darn lazy person, so to save trouble, one picture will do all the work... These are the things I use on mi face.. Hahahax...~

Yeea, that's all for my Dressup, MU shots~ (I'm glad again! No PS done to any of the pics! Yeea!) Chu <3


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