Random hauls & gifts on Random days...

This month, I had been spending on quite many random stuffs... Skincare, makeup, fashion.. Blah... (Mostly fashion) hahhaax..
Here goes all the random stuffs!

Summer's eve Feminine Cleansing Wipes to use to cleanse.. (you know where). I tried once and I never forget the freshness it gave me after using. Its very useful when I am feeling all humid and frustrated because of the cramps especially best to use it when I'm outdoors.
Kitoko Katani Masks are one of my fav masks after trying so many korean/jap/taiwan ones.. One good thing is the serum inside is ALOT! I can still dig out from the packet after putting the mask, and apply on my legs and hands.. Yeah, they got many different choices of mask and they are rather cheap! 3 for $9.90.
There was a promotion going on when I bought it, they gave me 2 free eyeliners.. I had yet to used them though, the liners doesn't appeal to me ^_^"

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover: Guardian selling @ Promotion price of only $9.80 from the usual $14.50. CHEAP! (Luckily I didn't get it from Watsons)

GMarket haul~ Recently I had been crazy about racer backs, spags, tees... Gah... I'm surprised that the parcel sent to me was all written in korean...? But the clothes reached me in like 2-3 days! Super fast!
I thought supposedly the sellers selling in Gmarket.com.sg are singaporeans.. =_= If I want, I can also sell stuffs there! So it kind of puzzled me, are the things sent in straight from korea? Or what???

Bugis Buys! Went out with wendi to bugis and we both are so much influenced by the Korean fashion that all the stuffs we bought kinda look so BLING... ^_^"
Another tee from bugis only $9! Hairband $9.90. Cotton on/Rubi Promotions: Necklace and bunch of bangles on promotion only for $7 and $9.90!
And a very random WD harddisk... $88 (Most expensive of all!)

Yesterday, I had a weird day... I was carrying my PG Brown suede bag and the shoulder strap broke. When I took a cab, I sat on my hp and the hp strap broke. I thought I was so suay... When I got home, I saw someone gave me gifts from China! So I'm not suay at all! ^o^
Betty Boop isn't quite my style but the bag was big! Likey~ I can use it when I need to go shopping around for whole day, I can just dump all the stuffs inside.. I prefered the backside than the front side more.. hahax.. ^_^" I saw the receipt, after converting, its about $40 for the bag! Not cheap ne..~
Along with the bag comes 3 small gifts.. The earrings are pretty! (Kind of remind you of a sports equipment eh? hahaha..) Its the 3rd similar cat hp strap that I've gotten for the past year! Woot~ =D
To Nana: Does that turn thingy look familiar to you? hahahx..

Random Mimi pics!
Mimi: *Licky lick lick lick*

It looks like as if he is crawling onto the side of the wardrobe... All furry and cute~ Guess the weather is too hot for him so he chose to sleep on the floor. o_O


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