OOTD 15 Feb 2010

Lunar New Year Day 2 (I missed my Day 1 shot cos I was in a hurry to rush out pick up my mum... =.=||)
Warm Day as usual, so i wanted to wear something baggy with short skirts~ The tee is too baggy hence putting on the pleather belt.. Bought it for so long, its the 1st time i wear it. -.-

Greenish eye makeup to go with my turqoise panty hose! XD~

Cos of the weather, decided to do the nun hair style~ *Where is my bun?! I can't see it from my cam...~~~ o_O*

After a day of house visiting, i let down my hair... Always love the 'lion hair' style after releasing my hair from the bun... *MEOWWW~*... um, i mean, *ROAR!!!~*


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