Models required for Goldwell/KMS special seminars in March 2010‏

A friend sent me an email to request for models for a hairshow in March. Sadly the timings doesn't suit me.. =...( [Blame my job!]

So anyone else's up for it? Confirmed models MUST be available on the dates as provided to you.
Interested people, get the person's contact from me. ;)

This year our education programmes begin in March, and to have a good start we have some exciting new seminars that may interest the trendsetters in you.
In order to showcase our hair fashion forecasts for 2010, we’ve planned 2 special programmes, and we’re looking for outgoing individuals to help us showcase the trends. Here are the details:
1) ColorZoom Challenge 2010 with Ken Hong
Date: 09-03-2010
Duration of event: between 10.30am to 12.30pm
A showcase of Goldwell’s ColorZoom trend forecast with Ken Hong, International winner for Goldwell’s ColorZoom 2008’s creative category and co-creator of this year’s trend: Just Naked. Modern and elegant, Just Naked is all about reduction and simplicity, taking inspiration from organic shapes, colors and textures.
To understand the trend more you can go to our website at , or you can watch this video trailer of the trend at Also attached is a picture of the styles.
We are needing 1 male model and 3 female models for
- 1 male haircut(picture right)
- 1 long layers(top centre in picture)
- 1 bob cut(top left in picture)
- 1 short female haircut(bottom left)
Date and time of preparation(cutting and coloring): 08-03-2010, from 1pm onwards
2) KMS California Campaign 2010
Date: 22-03-2010
Duration of event: between 10.00am to 12.30pm
KMS is a hair care and lifestyle brand from California, USA. This year KMS takes us to Hotel California. Laidback and stylish, this theme showcases the trendiest haircuts and various styling possibilities. Definitely not related to the song we know.
To understand the trend more you can go to our website at and explore all the available videos and links.
We are needing: 4 male models and 4 female models for all haircuts featured.
Dates and time of preparation(cutting and coloring): 16-03-2010 and 19-03-2010, between 9am to 5pm
3) ColorZoom Collection 2010 Presentation with Dimitrios Tsiuomas
Date: 25-03-2010 and 26-03-2010
Duration of event: Presentation – 10.00am to 12.30pm
Workshop – 1.30pm to 5.30pm
This just in: we’re honoured to invite the 2-time USA winner of ColorZoom Color Challenge, Dimitrios Tsiuomas, to Singapore to present the full ColorZoom Collection over a 2-day presentation and workshop. More details to be released.

If you’d like to participate in showcasing these events, or need more clarification, please feel free to contact me via this e-mail ---get his contact from me---, attaching recent pictures of a front and side view of yourself(showing your current hair length), or call our office number at ---get his contact from me---. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Furthermore, our regular classes for coloring and perming will be resumed, so you may also contact us to enquire.

I am so wanting to go for the seminars!!! *ROARS!!!*


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