Lippy & Eyebrow Haul

I just like buying lip concealers and lips stuffs... Always tell myself to stop, but cant... =_="
Anyways, back to topic.. New Jap brand of concealer which i bumped into on Facebook and then I do a search and found this site: http://lovecosmecloset.blogspot.comBought a concealer and a lipgloss, spent about $53.80 including postage... Actual candy doll site:

Look at how amazing the effect is when they combine both concealer and the lipgloss!~ But sometimes I think its just a gimmick kind of thing that trick customers to buy their products.. =_= hurhurhur.. Effect on me wasn't that great, or either that my lips are too stubborn. =/

Pardon me for my ugly lips pics!! >o< (blame the light & camera =p ) Pink gloss was used over a light pink lipstick (instead of over the lip concealer)

Before Candy Doll, I bough KissMe HEAVY ROTATION Lip concealer which was published in ViVi Magazine, so I got it through ebay and was shipped from Taiwan. Cost about $15++(forgot price). And to cpmpare it with Candy Doll, I think HEAVY ROTATION is alot better because it is drier and its coverage better! Best if I were to use it for cosplays purpose~

Along with it, I bought the same brand's Eyebrow Mascara. It is so far the best eyebrow mascara i've used! (Hello, I only got 1 eyebrow mascara.. o_O)
I took the lightest shade because of my yellow hair. After it drys, the eyebrow will stay in shape and it is rather waterproof too! Even I sweat quite alot, the colour wont come off! ^__^ Happy!

After use --->
Shall try out some other KissMe products in future since most are sold locally (except for the above 2 products) and are rather cheap!


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