Fashion~Cosplay Hauls

Leoard print cap + Long knee length boots + THE ONE ArtBook (By Nicky Lee)
What do I need it for you say? ^.^ For Cosplay!!!~ hohohoho... Currently missing suspender Thongs... o_O" sings:Thong thong thong thong thong...~

A month ago, I saw a china cosplayer's album in deviantart ( He's so sweet looking! >_< I can't help but to purchase his photo album <Remember the time>.. In this album, he cosplayed a few characters and some which I believed are original characters he created. All the costumes are stunning! And also not fogetting his makeup and hair/wig styling are so pretty!~~ I do hope some organization will invite him over to sg to cos or either that I will go over to china to see him! ^.^ *花痴*
At the back of album, there's a few dolfie postcards which he designed them himself for RingDoll's company. Such a pretty and talented person! >,<

His eye makeups are just awesome, suits his eyes so well! The MUA is his friend, who is also a pretty boy name AnMing(Also a face model).. Below is few of my favourites close up pics of him.
However for the last pic, he's cosing Shinichi from <Nana> but it appears to me that his eye makeup is abit too heavy, I would prefer him to do Nana character instead with this look.. I'm sure he'll look pretty in mini skirts as well! XD~


Lastly, not forgetting my panty hose/tights haul which i bought specially for CNY! Below pics consist of all new and old tights and stockings... There are too much, i couldn't finish wearing them and few of them are still untouched as you can see are still in wrappers.. ^_^"
The small box couldn't contain them all.. I feel a little guilty for buying too much and wearing only once for some tights.. And I only got 2 legs!!!!~


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