Everbluec Contest Entry

GOLD is the theme! I just love gold stuffs! (ever since... 2 years back?..)
Below is my try for gold makeup! (I have very little gold stuffs to put on my face though... =/)
Initial thought was to put purple with gold together (my fav combi!) but I phailed to show the purple because I only have 2 sucky purple eyeshadows.. XD~
Lips' nude with centre part dabbed with a little purple lipstick..
*L for the LOVE for GOLD* "Did I scare you with my reddish eyes? (Opps! Cos i was tired from work... =_=")

"Pics taken in 2 different lighting tones... Sorry I just hate using flash & lazy to adjust them too.."

"Opps Blurry! (& sorry again for my scary eyes!)" "This the only pic that shows clearer dashed(- - -) lines I did with black and gold liners"

And the rest is CAMWHORE!!!~ Muahahhahx!~~ I just love camping ^.^" ... Lalallala~~~

Toilet Cam! "Say What?!"

And that's all for the Gold Hair with Gold Makeup...


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