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Review: Anhydrous Customisable Skincare by Oil Perfect

Hey guys! I have something really new and also pretty unique to introduce to all of you today. It is something that I am kinda familiar with, yet again not so familiar with... hmm. Why do I say so?
Read on to find out! ^_^/~

In late July I received these new babies from Oil Perfect, a relatively new skincare company that makes anhydrous face oil that are natural, organic, with no preservatives, toxins, fillers, or synthetic chemicals.
The products they sent me are:
- Palmarosa Perfect Cleansing Oil
- Softening Mist Toner
- Perfect Balance Face Oil Serum
- Velvet Touch Lip Balm

It isnot my first time using face oil products. I have been purchasing and using various organic pure facial oils for couple years or more. I usually use them as and when I feel like or when there's certain skin condition I need to take care of thus why I said that I'm not really a stranger to natural organic face oil.

Palmarosa Perfect Cleansing Oil
That being said, it is actually my first time using a custo…

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