Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Review: Tokio Inkarami Salon System Hair Treatment @ Kenjo Salon 살롱

Well I think some of you kinda know, after I did peekaboo streaks on my hair, I went back to Kenjo Salon again for a hair treatment to make my hair less frizzy and smoothen the dry hair ends. The treatment system is the best and most popular haircare treatment in Japan, named the Tokio Inkarami Treatment.
After which, I was given a series of home-care hair care products to maintain my hair looking lustrous and feeling silky smooth.

Following video shows the relatively new Tokio Inkarami Salon System Hair Treatment done on my hair. It looks simple but it was a rather long process of infusing my hair with lots of treatments.
Tokio Inkarami treatment has 40% recovery in hair strength, gives most wanted shine, weightless & soft and most importantly, it can give you a desired hairstyle.

After my hair's done with the treatment (and enduring hours of sitting and waiting ^▽^")....

Before and After!
As my hair is already quite flat and straight (frizzy only at dry damaged areas), I was actually quite unwillingly to do any form of hair treatment because my idea of hair treatment is having my hair look even flatter and appear like I have just rebonded it which is, not exactly what I want.
I was amazed though that this treatment however could still give some fluff to my hair especially the crown and top to middle part of my hair where they were usually quite flat and lifeless. At the same time making the ends look lustrous, shiny, super silky smooth to touch when there were originally dry and damaged.
Read more of my thoughts right after the treatment if you are curious!

After I returned home, I started to use the Tokio IE Inkarami Shampoo, Treatment and Tokio IE Outkarami Oil Treatment.

Tokio IE Inkarami Shampoo reacts with the treatment that I did in Salon, hence it helps to preserve the Inkarami effect. The Treatment (kinda like treatment-conditioner-in-1) reacts with the Shampoo to also preserve the Inkarami effect as well as repair damaged hair with 3 types of Keratin.
Lastly, the Tokio IE Outkarami Oil Treatment interlocks with the Treatment for Outkarami effect, giving outstanding luster of lightness and moisture.
By using all of these three products, I could feel and also visibly see the results. They all have amazing repair power, able to help me achieve weightless feel and dynamic hair.

When I use these 3 products everyday, my hair remained very smooth and quite shiny yet feeling weightless. (As you can see from my photoshoot and many many days after the treatment with no hair curling or straightening done to it)
I intended to stop using the Oil Treatment for a couple of days to see the differences and I noticed that my hair ends only felt a little dry after about 3 days of not using the oil treatment. Therefore I concluded that I only need to use the Oil Treatment (1 full pump) every other day (alternate days).
Sometime later, I then stopped using both the Shampoo and Treatment but I continued using the Oil Treatment. I felt that my hair felt more coarse, dry and tangled more frequently, except for my hair ends because I'm still using the oil treatment on them. The ends felt silky but looks a tad frizzy.
The moment I went back using all 3 products again, my hair felt soooo very smooth and the ends felt like it's been quenched with lots of moisture. I can easily comb through my hair with my fingers without having much tangling issues.
One thing though for using hair care products like Tokio Inkarami on oily scalp users like me is that they don't really have oil control ability, nor do they have anti-hair loss properties. My hair still fall as per normal (not intensively though) however breakage was reduced by at least half of what I experienced before.

Overall, I'm liking how my hair even as it grows longer, still feels really smooth, soft to touch and most importantly, tangled and frizz free!

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Kenjo Salon
68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing), S238839
Phone: 6238 8083


Monday, December 4, 2017

Review: Simple x Lazada Online Revolution 2017 - 12.12 Surprise Box

Another 1 week plus to 12.12! I bet many of you had seen the advertisements that Lazada had put up everywhere... like the MRT stations. ^,^ Most people remember 11.11 sale and kinda forgot there's also 12.12 sale!

Anyhoo, for the upcoming 12 December, there'll be 60+ brands of surprise boxes, each retailing at SGD$29 where they'll put in products worth SGD$100!
There's also up to 90% off many items and more than 120 Flash Deals available!
The mega sale will only be on 12 Dec ~ 14 Dec 2017.

If you are EXISTING Lazada members, enter through the following: 
Launch Lazada Online Revolution 12.12 (using mobile Android/ iOS)

If you are NEW to Lazada, use this Voucher/ Coupon/ Promo code which you can enjoy 18% off, capped at SGD$11 (for first 100 New Customers only, valid til 14 Dec): LAZOR2017NEW

More Vouchers available on Lazada now! Enjoy exclusive discounts on the products you love by Lazada's amazing sellers.
Click the banner below to view all the coupons available now.

In this post, I'll show more about the products given by Lazada x Simple Surprise Box~
First up, the box! ^_^

The box is quite huge~ It was also pretty heavy. I had to lug this box home without a bag and it was tiring. Getting everything online sure has its benefit yah? Everything's mailed to your doorstep! So buy from Lazada and you won't become like me.. hahhax~ ^_^") *sweat*

Simple products in the Lazada surprise box reveal!!.... but not all! Hahhax~ There are MORE to this actually! I bet you can't believe it because the items shown in following photo is already quite alot!

Hereby revealing that the box actually contains some repeat products such as the Facial Toner. There's also cleansing water and eye makeup remover along with the 2 toners, which provides me a full face cleansing regimen for both day and night. The cleansing products are differentiated from the skincare products by colour, one being in white packaging, the other in green.

The back view of the 3 products shows one how to use the product and the ingredients.

The products has really plain, basic packaging with a flip on/off cap, just like it's brand name, simple. ^_^
I have been using the makeup remover and the cleansing water for sometime. I feel that it's a basic and pretty nice cleansing water, able to remove dirt, grease and even light base makeup. The makeup remover is capable of removing most of my makeup but has weaker removing power against very water resistant makeup like certain matte liquid lipsticks and waterproof mascaras. Simple cleansing range would be best recommended for users who put on light or not too heavy makeup.

So that's all for the products that I gonna reveal. You will only know the other half unrevealed products after buying this surprise box on 12.12! Hehex~ ^▽^/~

After emptying the Surprise Box, I gave the box to my cat Mimi and him being a rather large size cat (due to his breed), usually would not sit inside a box smaller than his size. BUT THIS. This box size suits him so well that until today.... he's still sitting and sleeping inside the box! Hahhax~ (>▽<)/~
I think I myself would try buying other Surprise Boxes from Lazada to gift myself and friends... and gift the boxes to Mimi. Lolllx~ If you do own a cat, remember to give the box to her! I bet most cats would love this huge box!

During the briefing event (which happened before 11.11 sale), I saw there were many more brands of surprise boxes... So yap, do stand by your fingers and mouse on 12.12 midnight for these!

Where to buy?
Lazada SG Online Revolution 12.12 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Event: My Experience At Philatelic Store @ GPO (SingPost Centre)

Omy, can't believe that it's already coming to December! /(*0*)\~
Back in mid November, I was stilling viewing the Christmas setup in the Philatelic Store @ GPO and thinking that it was kinda early to get Christmas greeting cards but well, who knew the month of December came so quickly!
Anyhoo~ as most Singaporeans already knew, Singpost Centre has been revamped and officially opened in October. Of course, what's Singpost Centre without the General Post Office eh? Apart from the GPO, the mall also houses a Philatelic Store which sits just right beside it, or rather, in the heart of the General Post Office. Prior to attending the event, I had went to GPO to mail my letters and saw this beautiful Philatelic Store but sadly I didn't had much time to check it out then. Hence I was happy that SampleStore gave me the chance to visit as well as to learn more about the stuffs that the store carries.

So now, let's see what Philatelic Store have in-store for us for this festive season!~

At the side of the entrance of Philatelic Store, there is a photo gallery telling the stories of the GPO at old Fullerton Building along with displays of the original handstamps and ink pads artefacts. So interesting~

Tour inside Philatelic Store @ GPO
I have compiled a video of the things that the store displays/ sells. Click to play the video~ ^,^
Philatelic Store offers a comprehensive range of Singapore & Foreign Stamps, Thematic MyStamp, Souvenirs, and Philatelic Gifts that are available exclusively in-store. Every item in the store marks a special moment in Singapore’s history.
The commemorative value and exquisite designs of the collections make them perfect for all occasions – as business gifts, or as cherished inclusions in every philatelist’s personal collection. 

Within the store, one can find many items to purchase such as National Stamp, like the (Merlion) “Greetings” Stamp which consists of Mint Stamps, First Day Cover (available from 15 November 2017), Postcards, and Annual Collection 2017. Prices of these stamps start from SGD$1.60 onwards.

There are also Festive Gift with philately designs in a range of SGD$5 - $10. This envelope is one that I would consider buying~ The design is so nostalgic and it can hold up to A4 size items. It would be lovely to gift someone this to store stationery and what not. On every purchase, a free festive gift wrapper will be given too (while stocks last)!

The store has also just launched not long ago the Thematic MyStamp with the Changi Mystical Garden with Sanrio Characters theme. It is a stamp folder and comes with a lanyard, retailing at SGD$21.80. This came just in time for Christmas! I bet those who love characters like Hello Kitty, Gudetama, My Melody, Little TwinStars, Pompompurin would love this MyStamp folder. ^^

There are also Premium Gifts, like the Local Delights Collection. The collection consists of Traditional Biscuits Magnets Set & Greeting Cards and Local Delights Tea Towel with MyStamp Sheet & Greeting Cards and they retail from SGD$8.90 onwards. This, would be another great gift idea for friends who love these local delights since young!

Dropping My Postcard at the Special Colonial Red Pillar Posting Box
At the Philatelic Store, a colonial-era red pillar posting box which is operated and owned by Singapore Post, has been restored and mail dropped into this posting box will be postmarked with a special date stamp in red ink.
But of course, the one you see here is for display only. The actual one is located just beside the entrance of the store. A video of me mailing a postcard to myself by dropping it into the red pillar posting box is shown later in this post. (so, scroll down to watch it! ^_^)/~

The Philatelic Store @ GPO Exclusives had to be my favourite series as they feature the iconic Posting Boxes of Singapore on items such as Pouch, Tote Bag, Cushion Cover & Tea Towel. They retail from SGD$5 onwards.

The following shows part of my purchase - the (Merlion) "Greeting" Stamps and one of the Posting Boxes of Singapore Collection postcard. I wrote on the postcard, affixed the stamp and mailed it to myself.

Philatelic Store @ GPO Exclusives also includes the SingPost Postman and Postwoman Mini Figurines Collection. They retail at SGD$28 each & $50 for set of 2. Look how cute they are when placed beside the miniature posting boxes!  >∇<)
I did a "silly" mini comic with the figurines! Enjoy~ ^,^

And so finally, my postcard is sent out via this colonial-era red pillar Posting Box. I so love this postbox..It's so beautiful! ♥♥♥

Here's a video of me mailing out the postcard and receiving it. It was kinda fun (& a little silly at the same time lolx~).
Do check out the special red ink date stamp! I shall try mailing letters through this Posting Box in future. hehex~

In the Philatelic Store, I chanced upon this board..You might want to take part in this contest the next time you visit the store! ^,^

Dinner Time!
At the event, we were fed with nice food, catered by Brunches Café.
I heard about Brunches Cafe but had yet to visit them. It's the latest Chic Vintage Themed Bakery/Café along Rangoon Road (in the Neighbourhood of Farrer Park MRT).
The cafe serves All-day Breakfast Menu, Gourmet Sandwiches, Waffles, Coffee, Tea and other Beverages to the funky café-goers. By looking at the photos, I really think I should plan one day to go down there with friends, enjoy the food and admire all the vintage furniture and decor. As some of you might had known, Chic and Vintage is my kind of style hehex~ ^,^
Photo credits to Brunches Café

My Purchases and Complimentary Gifts from Philatelic Store
- Red Pillar Posting Box Tote Bag
- Posting Boxes Postcards Set (less the Red Pillar Postcard becos it hadn't arrived when I took this pic hahax~)
- Philatelic Store @ GPO Christmas Cookies

One of the most beautiful postcard from the Posting Boxes postcard set... HOLOGRAM!~~~ ()

Photos of me hugging my favourite Red Pillar. lolx!~

Hello Smiley Cookie Man. ^_,^

Philatelic Store @ GPO
SingPost Centre, General Post Office #01-127 to 128 (It's easy to find, just follow the signage in the mall ^^)

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