Saturday, August 19, 2017

Travel: Weekend Family Trip to Montigo Resorts Nongsa, Batam (2-Bedroom Villa)

H'all you guys! Yes I'm back again to blog about my recent trip once more! ^0^/~
Lately my man has been crazily booking villas so he could play water swim in his own pool... The recent staycation to Sentosa RWS Beach Villas was only 2 weeks before this Batam trip. I guess when you have many leave to clear at the work place, that's the way to do it? Taking offs on Monday so you can continue to slack at home after returning from the trip. hahahax~

Ok so, this isn't my first time visiting Batam. I've went to Turi Beach before (again, not blogged ^.^") with my man for a romantic getaway. It was pretty nice too, although kinda different since they are of a different type of villa (single storey) but I still like it.

Before reaching Montigo Resorts, we took a shuttle bus from the port. Upon our arrival, they sound a gong. After we checked-in, we looked around and saw the layout of Montigo Resorts villas.

Click image to enlarge

While we waited for our villa to be ready, we kept hearing the gong going off which means there were more guests coming in. The reception area was crowded with guests and we decided to have lunch first at the restaurant below it while we wait.
As my parents wanted vegetable meal, I made special requests for individual dish to be changed to all veg and no meat. The crew was really patient and helpful as I slowly explained each dish's request. It's no wonder my man kept saying that Montigo Resorts' service is the best.
And so were the meal too. I absolutely love their very fresh vegetables (my mum loves them too). Also to my surprise, although the fried chicken looked dry. it actually tasted real good! hahahx~ Coconut water was not sweet but the flesh within it was really silky soft and yummy~

After our meal, we waited a little while more (it was almost 3pm Batam time), a service staff from the reception came down to the restaurant to look for us and told us that we could proceed to our villa. He then arranged for someone to drive us there on a buggy. Yeah~ I love buggys! lolx~

So here goes my buggy ride to the villa. The video also include walkthrough of the villa (all 3 floors) and the view around the villa and the pool! Enjoy the vid~ ^,~

After unpacking and a quick dip in the pool, we proceeded to explore the surroundings. My parents were kinda bored to be stuck in a villa doing nothing and wanted to get out of the place but my man and I insisted to stay.. hahhax~ parents, parents... they are not like us from this generation where we would love to just rest and relax...kekex~

Here's a view from the jetty extended out from Montigo Resorts main building area.
And following are pics of us walking along the beach. My mum picked up something from the sand and she said 'this can be eaten'. I don't doubt her since she lives on an island when she was young...though I am not too sure what's the name of that 'thing'..  ^_^"

Crab prints... so cute... yet the hole makes my hair stand... ^,^"

As always, I had to take a nice selfie at the jetty... I think Turi Beach have nicer jetty as theirs seem to stretch further into the sea hence created a more beautiful view taking from the same angle.

As always, my man LOVES to photobomb me with silly stunts whenever I selfie. I can't even tell how many times he did that to me already.. I still keep all of the photobombed pics but I dun post them. hahax~

We returned to our villa before sunset and I decided to go for a quick dip. Here's me in the pool while watching the sun set.
Amazing how the sun sets within seconds! From bright orange to red and then it's gone.

At night, we went for buffet dinner (scroll down for video and more info of the buffet dinner) and then went for a walk.
Back to the jetty, we stood there to look at fishes trapped at the shore as it was low tide at night. Then we raised our heads up and were Wow-ed by so many stars in the sky. We stayed in Singapore for too long sometimes we would forget that there were actually that many stars in the sky...

Near to bedtime, we decided to buy some drinks and a couple of Indo instant noodle to try (but actually we didn't even eat them as we were tired after that. lolx~). FYI, the items sold at this convenience store is rather expensive so I would rather not buy there but to boil water at the villa for my own consumption.

O'righty, here comes a video of both the buffet dinner, and the buffet breakfast we had on the following morning.
Buffet dinner is paid at the end of the meal and buffet breakfast is complimentary. For dinner, there is a 10% service charge and another 10% tax on top of it. Other details of the buffet are included in the video.
My verdict for both the dinner and breakfast is, I can't wait to go back to try them again! I am actually going there again later TODAY (19 Aug 2017) and I'm so looking forward to try different food from the buffet spread this time!
From the buffet, what I can recommend are:
Zhi char (dinner, pick your own ingredients and get them cook for you on the spot) - both my dad and me love it very much because there's a wok smell and taste to it. The chilli added in makes the taste even better! It's so good that my dad insisted us to tip the cook when we finished our dinner.. lolx~
Layered dark chocolate mousse cake in a cup (dinner) - I personally love dark chocolate and that cake made me wow-ed. Because it wasn't too sweet, there's a true dark chocolate taste to it and I kept on wanting to eat it even though I was already super full.
BBQ prawns (dinner) - I LOVE prawns. To be fair, I must say that they do not have all prawns bbq perfectly. Some were charred with insides overly cooked, but some were slightly charred with insides cooked fine. Their prawns are not tiny, not huge, kinda medium in size but I still like them. It's the only seafood that I would eat alot.
Orange juice, Nasi Lemak, Porridge, Eggs/ Omelette (breakfast) - I likey their orange juice as it tasted fresh. It freshened me up after all the rather greasy food I had. And the rest of the food I mentioned, you JUST HADDA try them. With chilli always, if they have. ^_^

After breakfast, we rested awhile and checked out, returning back to the port where we had our lunch there. The small 'coffee shop' at the port is really cheap and has quite nice food too so you guys could try that as well.
Alrite guys, there's the end of my Batam trip post and I hope you guys enjoyed watching and reading it!
Last but not least, an instagram video of me acting cute in the pool HERE.

If you have any questions, comment and I'll reply you~ ^_~

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Travel: Lunch at Bornga & Staycation at Resorts World Sentosa Beach Villas

H'yall!~~~ Finally, I've got a decent holiday photo taken by none other than my man! Well, I'm happy, because he usually sux in photography. He do not know how to take good angles and understand the meaning of exposure and what not so.....He'd just leveled up! Hehehheex~  Yah, for this staycation I was quite happy he took at least like TWO good pics of me in our villa that I could use here~
Anyhoo 'nuf of me, let's dive deep into my staycation pics & vids now!

So apparently, my man wanted to give me a "surprise' but it later became not a surprise anymore because I asked him what we be doing over the weekend in Sentosa and what would I be able to see or do.. He accidentally said 'pool' so I brought along my newly bought "swimwear" which were actually more of a workout wear. ^_^"

Lunch at Bornga Restaurant @ Vivo City
Before we head to Sentosa, we had our lunch at Vivo City and my man wanted something cheap and good. I thought, food court maybe? And he said no. He pointed at Bornga when we walked near the restaurant and I said 'CHEAP?'.... hmmm.. Sometimes I really duno wat he's thinking about. Lolx~

It's both our first time entering Bornga and did not know what to expect from their menu since my man just stepped in without even finding out what's on their menu. The staff asked us if we wanted to be seated at their normal seats or the BBQ seats and so my man said BBQ.
Here's what was placed on our BBQ table....

I flipped through the menu and ordered 2 ala carte meat dishes, one being pork belly (my fav) and the other is Samgyup. Also accompanied with a seafood pancake too.
Before the main dishes arrived, they served a very looooong plate of veg and multiple sauces! Yum~ I was starting to get excited!

And more side dishes were placed infront of us like so.

Then came the meat which the staff BBQ-ed for us. I felt so pampered and a little shy... (^///^)~

My verdict for the lunch at Bornga is that the side dishes were really REALLY good. Both me and my man love them! There were so much to eat that we kind of regretted ordering the seafood pancake (which was kinda so-so but i love the sauce that came with it. Spicy!) The only thing I won't order again however is the pork belly. It was quite a disappointment when my favourite pork belly turned out to be very stiff. Again, both my man and I did not like the pork belly one bit but we really think their Samgyup was indeed yummy as advertised. Luckily I ordered that. hahax~
I remembered we paid quite a hefty price for this meal. But oh well, we were in a very good mood so we kinda close one eye for that "cannot-be-chewed" pork belly. ^_^" Also, they allowed us to Da-Bao (takeaway) the remaining seafood pancake we couldn't finish and gave us a fresh new sauce for it.

1-bedroom Beach Villa
Hoookay so there I was in our 1-bedroom beach villa for a good shot, facing the bridge my man stood on .
Before I continue, I wanna say that it's not my first time spending a night at RWS. I had stayed at Equarius Hotel before (not blogged) during the Universal Studios Halloween event kinda couple years back. It was a really awesome stay as it was really big, spacious and everything looked so clean and new.
Thus when I was brought to Equarius Hotel again this time round, I have no doubt that I'll be happy spending the night here. What I didn't know was that my man didn't actually book the room inside Equarius Hotel but was a room at the Beach Villas (just beside Equarius). The butler from Equarius took us on a buggy ride from the hotel entrance to our villa entrance. Thus, I had a confusion as to whether I'm still staying in Equarius or not. That's why the title in my first video 'Villa @ Equarius Hotel' and I changed the subsequent videos, posts and thumbnails to the correct name 'Beach Villas'.
Also, one funny incident happened before we checked in to our room. The staff asked my man if he wanted to be moved to the 2nd level beach villa (assume that they have alot of empty rooms). To that, he said no.
HE REGRETTED afterwards. HHAhahhahahx!~ (>∇<)
All the time he was ranting away about why he said no and looked up from our pool to the neighbouring 2-storey high villa. I LOLed at him so much. XD~ I wouldn't mind a 2-storey beach villa but I'm already pretty satisfied with the direct pool assess from our room and all the available necessities that I needed for the stay.

O'righty, here comes the full video of me entering the 1-bedroom villa and walking through it to reach the pool area. Also included a couple other video of us relaxing at the pool (some taken from IG insta story).

After exploring the room, we both made us a nespresso coffee and sat down infront of the pool to eat pancake and relax. kkekex~ If I remember correctly, there were about 6 nespresso capsules totally complimentary for the guests. Woots! I'm starting to love this villa!

The next thing that I love is their almost ceiling height mirrors. Mirrors after mirrors after mirrors. These I took was located near the doorway. There were more facing the basin area. These mirrors are actually also cabinets for clothes hanging.

Next awesome thing is that there's 1 jacuzzi to 1 villa. The button to activate it is located at side of the stone tile ledge at the left hand side of my man. The pumps were quite strong so we need to be carefully where we sit before we push the button. Sho shiok~ But what's even more shiok were those beach benches that I really love slacking on. We both laid there for a good 20 minutes doing nothing, just watching the surrounding and me taking alot of selfies and wefies... Hhehehex~ (>∇<)

In the evening, we went out of our villa to walk around and I spotted the minions theme Universal Studios.

After our dinner, we waited for the Crane Dance to start. At 7.30pm, we sat on the still scorching hot stone tile seats (they absorbed the heat from the sun for the whole morning to late noon..sigh~) to wait for the show to start. I thought there wouldn't be much people wanting to watch this free show but I was wrong. ^,^" It was packed with some standing at the back. Lucky thing we sat down early (and made hot cross bums).

I took a video of the Crane Dance from the start and stopped taking about 3mins later. All I could say is that the ending was pretty nice, indeed quite worth a watch. But the nice experience was somehow spoiled by my ouchy hot bums. lolx~

Upon our return at our villa, we noticed a complimentary brownie cake sitting on the side table! It was where the 2 huge sweet delicious Chinese pears were when we checked in during the noon.
Danggg their service's so awesome. And guess what? We finished the 2 big pears and I alone almost finished this rather big jar of brownie. For 2 persons who always avoid sweetened, carbo loaded food, we still couldn't resist the temptation of awesome dessert. It was sweet, yes but it was made with dark chocolate which is my favourite! My man had to scold me to get me stop digging into this brownie while watching Resident Evil on the TV, screened direct from his laptop. Hahhahax~ Opps. Xp~

Here comes the night view of the pool~ Sho beautiful! We decided to go for a dip at night to enjoy a different atmosphere. It was really cool... and very romantic too for couples to be staying at such villas. I was also cautious of insects and mosquitoes at night thus we either go into the pool with only shoulders exposed or we stay in the room with doors closed tight. Talking about insect, the only bug I saw was a millipede in the shower room. Luckily it wasn't a flying insect. heh heh. /(^∀^")\
Click pic to enlarge
After dipping in the pool, we utilised the big bathtub (was shown in the video). They included their own spa brand bath products and a few very decent body bath accessories. There were so much stuffs given that I don't even need to bring anything there.. except underwear skincare . hahax~ ^∂^

The next day before prepping to go off, I took a pic of the 2 LipHop sunblocks I was using (as posted here).
Can't miss the chance of taking nice product pics with such nice background & lighting can I? ^,~*

If you have any questions about my staycation at RWS Beach Villas, drop me a comment and I'll reply! ^_~

RWS Beach Villas

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Event: Mamonde's Brand Ambassador Park Shin Hye Press Conference

Recently, if you had seen my live video in both FB and IG, you would have known that Park Shin Hye was in Singapore back in near end July. Here I'm putting up a short post about the press conference with a compilation of the video I'd recorded from that day.

The event was held at Hotel W Singapore. Love the lighting design on the ceiling!

And here comes Park Shin Hye~

Play the video below to learn more about Park Shin Hye's favourite beauty tips, her love for floral beauty brand, Mamonde as well as her plans for the future.

Because her schedule was tight during her stay in Singapore, she had to leave right away after the interview. There wasn't any phototaking session for us to take close-up photos of her. Therefore I compiled a couple pics of her cute expression on stage during her Q&A. Not taken in the best resolution but still, hope you guys like them! (^_^)

Aside from attending the event, I also went around taking wefies and a few pics of the beautiful hotel!
 So lovely that I really wana just stay there. (>∇<)~

Here's +everblue c  and me taking wefie in the washroom. Kkekekex~

Thanks Mamonde for providing me the lovely experience where I can see Park Shin Hye in real life! 
Many thanks for Mamonde's door gift too~ I will be reviewing some of the other Mamonde products I received prior to this event. So far I really love all the Mamonde products that I'd used (see here and here in my instagram). Keep a watch out for my review! ^_~

Where to buy?
TANGS VivoCity Level 1, 1 Harbourfront Walk Singapore 098585

Monday, June 19, 2017

How To: Clean Makeup Brushes, Spoolies & Puffs With Rice Spatula

Not long ago, I bought the rice spatulas at Daiso for only SGD$2 a pair. Then I cleaned many brushes and puffs with the spatula with much less effort than cleaning them on my palm. I was kinda too lazy to make a cleaning board because I'm lazy to buy a board and a glue gun. Lolx~

It is easier to just buy rice spatula/ scoops and use it to clean the brushes since both side of the spatula has little bumps already and it's wide enough to cover a bunch of small brushes or a couple of big brushes.
Most importantly, it has a handle easy for holding, better than holding onto a DIY cleaning board.
So try this method out! It only worth $2 + less than $2 soap = $4 easy brush cleaning method! ^,^

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Travel & Haul: 3D2N @ Resorts World Genting (With Fashion, Makeup, Swatches & Reviews)

Hey'al! I know I stopped blogging about my travels for quite a long time. I've been wanting to do so again because I find that it'll be a great way for me to remember my experiences during the trip as well as to recommend travel spots to friends easier with a blogpost. This time I chose to write because it's a short trip BUT there are still lots of photos to edit. I had to include all photos I took otherwise I thought I would miss some interesting stuffs. I guess being a perfectionist doesn't help much self torture.(T^T)*sob*

Anyhoo, over the last week of March to April Fool's Day, I went for a short holiday to Genting with my man and his buddies and colleagues. Instead of taking the coach, we took alternative route by plane, train and then car. My man and his buddies planned the trip (they did for all the trips we went becos I'm a lazy bum! Kekkex~) so I wasn't sure how much we spent and exactly how long were the travel time. Basically, I just tag along! ^,^")

So here's my silly face and my man on the plane~

1st Day @ RWG
After we alighted at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport which the plane flew for only less than an hour, we took the KLIA Ekspres to KL Sentral. That took about another hour or so.
Thereafter we took a car direct from KL Sentral to Awana Skyway (new cable car located at mid of mountatin) because the coach bus was full and we couldn't get on unless we wait for 3 hours. We decided not to becos it was kinda waste of time to wander around KL Sentral. We split into 2 cars (that was offered by the same company from the coach bus we wanted to take) with each sat 3 people and that took another 1 hour to travel to cable car station.

Below shows the Premium Outlet building still under construction. The driver dropped us at the basement carpark of the building and we crossed an overhead bridge over to the new cable car station - Awana Station.

So we took a cable car up all the way to Genting - SkyAvenue Station. It was a relaxing trip for me enjoying the awesome view... wherelse the guys we were with, complaint it was too thrilling due to the heights.. hahhax~ ^,^"
Oh yes, do note that 1 Skyway ticket actually is valid for to and fro trip within the day itself. On the 2nd trip, the staff will tear the ticket after scanning at entrance so then you will need to purchase new ticket again the next time you wanna ride.

Upon reaching SkyAvenue station, the first signage I saw was this. My eyes were on the Malaysian Food Street becos I was hungry after traveling for 4-5 hours. It was nonetheless, lesser travel time than taking a coach all the way from Singapore to Genting I guess? I think the trouble about transiting between different transportations, were the hassle of finding the entrances, buying tickets etc. However I must say that it was kinda bliss for us because it was Friday noon when we were there. There were basically no queues everywhere, plus I guess Malaysia is so big, the people spreads out making the place look quite empty which is unlike Singapore.
From SkyAvenue station, we walked out and over the rooftop bridge to SkyAvenue mall which then lead us to the Malaysian Food Street.

So below shows the Malaysian Food Street, consists of so many stalls that I didn't have the chance to try them all! (>m<) *fists*
(Enlarge pics by clicking them)

In order to purchase food, you'll need to get a card first from the cashier counter. Deposit with remaining amount can be refunded after returning the card. If you have a Resorts World Genting member card, do present it during food purchase as there's member price which is few RM cheaper.

As posted in my Instagram, this is my first meal at Genting! Penang Prawn Noodle and a cup of White Coffee! YEAH~~~ Prawn's my favourtie!  Woots! I'm hungry now as I'm typing.. hahhax~ ^_,^"

My man's boss is a regular at Genting and he took all of us for a tour around genting so we know how to navigate later~
Here's the biggest gaming arcade I've ever seen (besides Japan that is but theirs are so different from ours and Malaysia's)! This is located near our hotel - Resort Hotel.

To reach First World Plaza, it was a really long walk from Resort Hotel, up and down escalators and stairs. I basically did not try to remember how to get there, it took me until the 3rd day to know how to get around.
At First World Plaza, some shops were closed because SkyAvenue mall opened and they relocated their shops to the new mall. I heard that there was a casino at First World Plaza but was closed too for renovation.

The new casino name SkyCasino is located in SkyAvenue mall. Everywhere were screens and it was really so pretty when they put up the Spring theme!

After visiting SkyCasino and SkyAvenue, we walked to First World Hotel to get a glimpse of my man's colleagues and boss' rooms. They said that First World Hotel renovated their rooms. Although the exterior might look rundown, but the interior was pretty ok. Some rooms had better view and some don't. However, I still prefer the hotel I stayed in, the room had more amenities and had the basic stuffs I needed the most like hairdryer, tissues and very clean bathroom and bed! A good view was just alternative since we usually don't spend that much time in our room.

At night, this is how it looks like. For our dinner, we managed to walk into a cheap coffee shop below our hotel that usually serves the staff working there. We had Zhi Char (complimentary from my man's boss kekex~) and it was not bad.

2nd Day @ RWG
My man brought us to Nyonya Colors to have our breakfast as it was way too early that the Malaysian Food Street wasn't even opened yet. I had their signature Chee Cheong Fun and IT WAS GREAT! Totally love their chilli and green chilli with the sweet sauce combi (mostly the green chilli)! Yummmm~ I wish we have such chee cheong fun in Singapore... (TᄾT) Their coffee was kinda different from the local roasted coffee I like to drink but still tasted good!

Next we took cable car down for some scenery viewing~

Here's me, my man and his buddies~ I noticed that every cable car has a USB port for charging.. so cool! We alighted at Chin Swee Station and again walked a thousand steps (almost.. lolx~) down the multiple long escalators to reach the Chin Swee Caves Temple.

The scenery at Chin Swee Temple was so awesome and I was so mesmerised by the old school chinese statues they made to describe how Hell looks like, so alike to the ones at Haw Par Villa in Singapore. I guess mesmerised is not the right word looking at such gore kinda statues.. but I really was mesmerised.... Jinja! hahhax~

We travelled back to Genting after the temple visit and ate Abalone! It is Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant located in First World Plaza. I was so so SO full by the 3rd dish.. all of us (with so many guys) couldn't even finish one dish, except for the Peking Duck Crispy Skin dish. I just made sure I ate all the expensive ingredients such as the abalone... and, the last dish, coconut pudding dessert! kekex~ To save money, I would recommend that one should just order set meal with lowest price for everyone becos the quantity for each dish is really too much for one to finish.

Inbetween lunch and dinner, I was set loose (YEAHHHHhhhh!~) to shop around by myself. I went around SkyAvenue and First World Plaza to find makeup, bag and clothes to replace what I brought there so I could throw away those stuffs before I come back to Singapore. My haul is displayed at the end of this blogpost, so be sure to scroll down~

For our dinner, we went to Burger & Lobster. Below shows the 3 main dishes out of the few others. Due to me eating cake only 1 hour before dinner, I was too full to take a meal so I didn't order but grabbed a couple of bites off my man's burger.
Apparently, the claypot lobster could be shared by 2 people if both appetite are small. I tried the sauce and it was really good! The bread that comes with it looked and tasted nice too!~ (Am a bread/bun lover!)
The burger had both lobster and beef patty (we called for medium rare) and it was tasty too however my man thought it was too small to be called a meal. The bun meal was ordered by another guy and he commented that it was just enough for him. I calculated that the burger meal cost about SGD$50 and I felt that I wouldn't eat this again if I visit Genting again. It is too expensive and the lobster meat was only that little. There are still much more other food waiting for me to eat!

Below shows the Jap Green Tea Cheese Cake and coffee I had at Eight Ounce Coffee @ SkyAvenue basement before dinner and both weren't nice at all... I regret for not choosing Tokyo Secrets. Le sigh~
Above bread was the BEST toast bread I had for past....1 year? I jinja LOVE the thick butter and the not so sweet kaya plus the soft yet crispy bread! However the coffee was so-so.. I wished it could be thicker and has a stronger roasted coffee scent to it. I had this on the 3rd Day early morning at Malaysian Food Street.

3rd Day @ RWG
My man's boss recommended us to take this Coffee Terrace buffet lunch @ Genting Grand.
The prices are really cheap for a buffet so we tried it. Prior to the lunch, I was let loose again to purchase more makeup and a pair of new shoes at SkyAvenue (posted at bottom). I shopped alone in a fast and furious way before I rushed back to the guys for the buffet lunch. lolx~
My verdict for the buffet lunch was, you can skip it if you have other better choices. Unless the cheap price and the no. of dishes are what you are looking for. I tried about half of what were displayed and the food was ok only, and some dishes weren't that nice. The variery wasn't that great like the ones I've seen in Singapore hotels. I probably would choose to pay around the same price for 1 full meal that taste better since I could only eat that much. I'm not a big eater as compare to before when I was younger.

Before we travelled back home, I took my last drink at Starbucks to pack my bag and wait for the guys to have their last shot at the casino. Here shows my new Vincci pastel blue cylinder bag (comes in black and nude pink too) which cost rather steep at about S$60. I think my brain wasn't working well at converting RM to SGD at the time I was shopping at Vincci. Only when I touched down in SG, did I realised this cost more than $50! Lolx~ But then, I had compliment from my boss when I brought it to work and she said it looked like Alexander Wang's bag. Hmm.. does it?*rubs chin*

Makeup Findings & Haul
Alrighty, let's begin with my makeup findings at RWG! First off, MCC Korea makeup found in Watsons @ SkyAvenue mall. I didn't try or swatch any of the products, perhaps it was the packaging or the layout that didn't entice me.

Next is Son&Park found in Selectiv' Sasa @ SkyAvenue mall too. The moment I saw this brand, my eyes widened. I knew about their Beauty Water (kinda like toner) due to the hype in Instagram but Malaysia Sasa didn't carry it. I heard from the BA that they are still trying to get approval for the product before officially selling them. I liked the display and the product packaging alot and it got me started swatching.

Below shows swatches of Son&Park Color Shading Liner in all colours except Black. They looked way much prettier IRL. I also swatched their two way lip chalk and wanted the nudest shade but it was OOS so I tried their base makeup instead.

Here shows my haul on the 2nd day of the trip. My holy grail Heroine Volume & Curling Mascara and my first try Heavy Rotation Eye Designer Mascara, both from Watsons.
Son&Park Color (Concealer) Cube in No.21 Light and Color Shading Liner in No.05 Marsala (for +everblue c) from Selectiv' Sasa.

On the last day of my trip, I rushed back to Sasa to get 2 more items from Son&Park becos I loved the Concealer Cubel when I used it that morning. I gotten the Concealer Cube in No.23 and Skin Fit Foundation SPF45 PA++ in No.23 Natural.

Skin Fit Foundation has a blending flat top brush at the other end of the stick. Color shading liner has to be sharpened thus the packaging included a sharpener in it. The concealer cube has a short applicator how cute!

Son&Park Swatches
Color (Concealer) Cube No.23 Natural - It is rather yellow and only a tad darker than my skintone so I used it for my undereye dark circles. I mixed my other peachier shade concealers with this to made the other concealers' consistency slightly lighter.
Color (Concealer) Cube No.21 Light -Since Son&Park concealers are pigmented yet liquidy and light, I find it ok to layer concealers on top of each other. I use this shade to highlight my undereyes after I concealed them with the darker shade concealers.
Son&Park Skin Fit Foundation SPF45 PA++ in No.23 Natural - I took the wrong stock for this foundation. I didn't know they have 2 shades as the display only showed one. What I wanted was the light shade No.21 as it brightens my skin so beautifully when I swatched it. Nonetheless, I still use this foundation to hide my redness along nasolabial folds. I blended it with the given mini flat top brush and I really really love that brush, it's so soft and blends really darn well! Good thing is that the brush can be easily removed by screwing it off from the stick. The foundation however on the other side isn't that good for someone who has large pores because it will accentuate them due to its dewy, glossy effect. The green part did not really fully conceal my redness, it kind of just lightens the red tone.

Next up, the makeup I brought during my trip. Much thanks to the brands that gave me makeup sachets, I brought slightly lesser full size products. For the sachets, I really like Covermark Silky Loose Powder which is also yellow tone thus, it brightens my face quite alot after I used the beige tone BioNike Defence Color Hydra Foundations.
I was given 2 sachets of BioNike foundations but both shade did not work out for me as one was way too dark which I dotted along the border of my face and along jawline. The other shade is a tad darker than my tone due to it's too beigey.
Most of the full-size makeup I brought to Genting were those I wanted to throw on the 3rd day as I find that I had kept them for long enough, except for SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence (used before touch-up), Ofra & Smashbox liquid lipsticks, eyebrow pencil, highlighter as well as the makeup tools.

Here's a swatch of Beauty Keeper's newest face makeup - Userism DD Cream. Gifted to me at the right moment before I flew off to Genting! ^_^ The shade is in #01 Light Ivory and it is lightly pigmented thus I find that there's almost no coverage. I think it's to be used as a base instead of a foundation. I like its sunblock properties of SPF50 which would be good for me as I'm nearer to the sun at Genting. The shade doesn't make my face look greyish although it is lighter than my skin and one sachet has so much product that I only used 1/3 of it to cover my face and neck. I would recommend one to use it during a no make-up day so one could achieve a natural bare face kinda look and yet with some SPFs to prevent sun damage during day time.

Here I'm using the lip makeup I brought to Genting - Mixing Ofra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bel Air and Smashbox in Some Nerve. I topped it with a Anna Sui nude lipstick (not very pigmented) around the lip border and tiny bit of gloss in the centre of the lips. It was my first time wearing a purple lipstick and I couldn't bring myself to wear it alone becos I find that I'll look scary with a set of full purple lips, probably gonna scare off my man's friends too. Lolx~ IRL, my lips look more purplish than pink as compare to the pics below.

Selfie, selfie, selfie. During travel, we sure can't skip selfie-ing inside fitting rooms and hotel room rite?
There I was, selfie inside Vincci store wearing Padini, Seed clothings. The next day I wore the mens' bomber jacket along with the cylinder bag I bought from Vincci store. I was lacking of a pair of new shoes because the canvas high top shoes I wore was breaking into pieces on the last day.

And henceeeeeee, I got myself a pair of Vans Sk8-Hi Lite lace up high top canvas in black right before I left Genting! I had an awesome experience at Vans @ SkyAvenue outlet, read about it here! Although it's more of a mens' shoes (also considered as unisex), I could still wear it because my feet fit the smallest size available for this design. They were still about half a size larger than my normal canvas but after adding in a pair of insoles (transferred from my old canvas), they worked out fine in the end. Totally loving them! They are much lighter than my Adidas Super Star shoes and the curvature of the insoles made it more comfy.

Another clothing I bought from Padini was this maxi dress which the moment I saw it, I got it immediately. I bought it for obvious reason (long enough for me). hahahx~ It cost 2 for less than S$20! Woots! Now I know why so many ppl like the brand Padini! ^-^

Alrighty, that's the end of my trip and I hoped you gained something out of this blogpost.. be it from the makeup findings, reviews, or the food topics, i hope you had fun reading them!
If you would like me to post more about my travels (perhaps the backdated ones like my perth or korea trips), do comment & let me know~ ^,~
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