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Review: Norel® Dr Wilsz High Performance Cocktail Facial Treatment @ Annabelle Skin

It's been awhile since I've had a facial treatment. The last facial treatment I did was in late last year.
At around late August, I went for another facial treatment namely the Norel® High Performance Cocktail Treatment, which was done at the same beauty salon.

Below shows the 7 pipette bottles of precious cocktails provided by Annabelle Skin after the treatment. Scroll down further to view more about the treatment process and before after photos of my skin~ ^_^
About NOREL Dr Wilsz
NOREL Dr Wilsz, established in 1961 by pharmacists under Cosmetics Laboratory, is one of the oldest and most reputable cosmetic companies in Poland and Central Europe.
Cosmetics Laboratory, under the helm of its founder, Anna Makowska, had its humble beginnings in producing and supplying facial creams to pharmacies across Poland. Its signature facial cream saw lines forming outside pharmacies as women scrambled to get their hands on the holy grail of skincare.
Founder Makowska later proposed the handover of Cosmetics Laboratory to expert and biologist, Dr Krystyna Wilsz, whom she valued for her great passion and knowledge in the field of cosmeceutical research and development.
Dr Wilsz renamed the company to NOREL Dr Wilsz Cosmetics Laboratory and continued the good work of Makowska, developing the brand by introducing new innovation to its original formulations.
As a producer of Polish cosmetics, NOREL Dr Wilsz also infuses a range of raw materials of Polish origins in its formulations. Currently, the brand is the only company in Poland that uses Polish Peat Mud in the cosmetic production of its ready-to-use masks.

The moment I reached Annabelle Skin, I noticed the exterior and interior has changed! It's much more brighter and vibrant now~

As usual, before every facial treatment there's a skin consultation conducted by Annabelle Skin’s therapist. I'm always very excited when comes to consultation session because I really love to know how my skin condition is like and what's underneath it, as well as what could have caused my skin to be in that condition. It's really interesting to see the microscopic view of my skin and to listen to the therapist explaining about my skin issues.

Though my skin looks so much better than the 2 previous times (links at bottom of this post) I visited the beauty salon, under the microscope it still look pretty oily.
This pic shows my skin looking oily and shiny yet dehydrated.

Normal pore size and skin should show triangular lines extended out from the pores looking relatively visible under the microscope. For my skin, there are some areas where the lines are very fine (1st row left column) and some areas looking like normal skin, almost at its best condition (1st row right column).
The next row shows a closeup view of the side of my nose where pores are very visible in yellow-orange dots and visible red veins running across.
Above pic in the center shows a rather large clogged pore on my cheek which I always like to pick (*sweat* I have itchy fingers! ^_^"). With this microscopic view, the therapist knew that I had been squeezing black/white heads on my own because the surrounding skin looked inflamed with clogged pore underneath.

So after the consultation, the therapist recommended my skin to go for the Norel® High Performance Cocktail Facial using Polish healing mud and treatment cocktails to correct my skin imperfections.

Here are my Before facial photos. The issues I'm facing are:
- Uneven skin tone mainly my forehead looks darker/tan than the rest of my face
- Dehydrated yet oily forehead (thus very reflective)
- relatively large pores
- oily T-zone
- clogged pores on nose, sides of nose, cheeks
- a few clogged pores that are underneath the skin which I could not get rid of at all, particularly one on the tip of my nose (not visible) and another on my right cheek (visible)
- spider veins on corner of my nose
- under eye dark circles
- pimple/ acne scars (this time round is rather little and looks lighter than before)
- loose skin on face and neck

Cleansing / tone
- Hyaluron Plus- Hyaluronic Cleansing Milk used undiluted on face, emulsified and cleansed
- Hyaluron Plus- Hyaluronic Moisturizing Tonic soaked into cotton pad and cleansed

- Enzymatic Peeling containing Bromelain & papain enzymes, was generously applied on my face and neck, left on for 10 min and then removed. The enzymes create keratolytic activity to break down the bonds between cells in the horny layer, leaving the skin smooth and lighter.

The following is an extra step. There was some extraction done on my closed comedones/ clogged pores. The major closed comedones were on my nose and on my right cheek. Thus in the following photos, you will see spots of redness on those areas. Thereafter, the therapist ran a electrode over my skin to kill bacteria and calmed inflamed skin.

Preparation Mask
- Peat Mud Mask (Anti-ageing) containing the ingredients Polish Peat Mud, Evening Primrose and Grape Seed oil, Vitamin E. The mask was applied on a gauze moistened with water for 10 min. It helps in detoxify, de-stress, regenerates, stimulate micro-circulation and boosts oxygen.

Preparatory Intensive care
- Moisturizing Cocktail with hyaluronic acid and trehalose effectively binds and retain moisture in the skin for a long time, eliminate skin roughness and dryness

Eye Massage
- Anti stress– Soothing & Moisturizing Eye Emulsion containing white tea, vitamin C, aralia, licorice ingredients was applied generously on eye area and massaged for 10 min. It keeps the delicate skin around eye area firm & elastic and eliminates irritations and signs of fatigue.

- Skin Care– Face Massage cream with Coenzyme Q10, also containing Vitamin A & E, Allantoin was massaged onto my skin for 10-15 min. It helps to regenerate the skin and replenish oxygen, keeping the skin firmer.

Intensive care
- Energizing Cocktail with Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins together with Wrinkle correction cocktail containing amino peptides were applied generously on my face and neck, massaged till they were fully absorbed.
The Wrinkle Correction Cocktail was targeted on my forehead as it helps to smooth out wrinkles and furrows.

Cream Mask
- Relaxing & Regenerating White Tea Mask consists of white tea, liquorice, hamamelis was applied generously on my face and neck. It helps replenish moisture and lipids, smoothen the skin. It is an anti-ageing mask for even sensitive and easily irritated skin.

Peel Off Mask
- Peel off Algae Mask, an Alginate Peel Off Mask was applied to increase hydration, firming and help cools down the skin after all the treatment above.

Finishing Care
- Hyaluron 3%- Intensive moisturizing gel serum was applied on my face. It forms a ‘wet poultice’ on the skin to prevent moisture loss.
- Hyaluron Plus– Hyaluronic Cream was then applied on top of the gel serum. It ensures proper skin tone and elasticity & creates a delicate protective film.

Below shows all the products that were used for the High Performance Cocktail Facial Treatment.

Following was taken right after the facial treatment.
My forehead look a little bit lighter/fairer than before. Skin feels very hydrated, smoother and slightly firm. Even though the skin surface might look a little shiny, I did not feel that it's oily or greasy. My skin started to produce sebum only after about an hour or so.

Overall, my skin looked fairer and brighter which was a big plus point. However as there were a few deep extractions done on my face as I was frustrated with the stubborn close comedones (see tip of nose and right cheek) thus there's a slight downtime to my treatment. I had to wait for at least a day before the redness from the extracted areas subsides.
During the consultation, I was told that there would be enzyme peeling at the beginning of the treatment. To be frank, I was a tiny worried about the peel as I've got a sensitive patch (around the right side of my mouth) which could flare up due to certain ingredients or acids. It was also my first time trying Norel products and by hearing that they would apply and remove a few types of masks from my face, I thought it might somehow aggravate my skin? Even though I thought about all these, I was still willing to go ahead with the treatment because I believe in Annabelle Skin. After a couple experiences with Annabelle Skin, I learnt that they have good knowledge of skincare ingredients and most importantly, skin itself. They knew what my skin could or could not use based on looking at my skin in person, the microscopic images of my skin and underneath the skin surface plus my explanation of my skin issues and skincare routine. All these factors made me trust them to use the products that are best for my skin. True enough, after the treatment and a few days after, I totally did not experience any skin sensitivity. My face only felt more rejuvenated, hydrated and smoother.

After the facial, I was given a range of mini cocktails to bring home for after treatment use. One pipette bottle could be used for about 7 days.
The Precious Cocktails Set includes the following:
- Wrinkle Correction Cocktail with Amino Peptides
For all types of mature skin over the age of 45. Boost stimulation of collagen, elastin and GAG through result-proven peptides (SYN®COLL and SYN®TACKS). This wrinkle correction cocktail firms, hydrates and rejuvenates dull, wrinkled skin by adding moisture and strengthening skin’s intercellular communications. Renewed skin feels more compact and healthy-looking.

- Energizing Cocktail with Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins
For tired skin with signs of aging and devoid of freshness and radiance. This cocktail is enriched with Vitamins A, B, C and E, and helps to renew and strengthen troubled skin that faces premature aging. It supports collagen synthesis and offers an illuminated, radiant glow to tired-looking skin.

- Cocktail for Couperose Skin with Vitamin C and Rutin
For couperose skin and skin in the early phase of rosacea
This product is largely beneficial for suppressing inflammation and reducing spider veins, redness and swelling, which may lead to pigmentation in the long run. Capillaries are strengthened and skin is protected from free radicals and characteristic changes due to UV exposure. Overall, it aims to moisturise, regenerate and lighten skin for a youthful, healthy complexion.

- Cocktail for Acne Skin with Birch and Willow Bark Extracts
For oily, seborrhoeic and acne skin. The absolute solution to problematic, oily and acne-prone skin, this product contains natural plant extracts and repairs skin with a smoothing effect. Not only does this product help to control bacteria, it also reduces sebum and blackheads. Highly recommended for healing pustules, refining enlarged pores and lightening post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.
- Whitening Cocktail with Tetrapeptide-30 and Melavoid™
For complexions with discolouration from post-acne that arises with age, excessive sunbathing
or hormonal changes. Infused with “intelligent depigmentation” ingredient Melavoid™, this Whitening Cocktail works on pigmentation on both superficial and deeper skin layers. Tetrapeptide-30, on the other hand, blocks melanocyte activation and corrects yellowish skin tone within weeks! Together with Vitamin C and white mulberry, this cocktail essentially inhibits the build-up of pigmentation on the outer layer of the skin. It delivers glowing, uniform-toned complexion by lightening hyperpigmentation and reducing both the intensity of pigments and numbers of spots on the skin.
- Moisturizing Cocktail with Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose
For all types of skin, especially dry and dehydrated skin. Designed to combat dry skin, or for those in air-conditioned environments for extended periods of time, this moisturising cocktail eliminates roughness, prevents skin irritations and reduces superficial winkles. Moisture is retained optimally and skin is left feeling soft and smooth.

- Cocktail for Rosacea Skin with Vitamin PP and Mimosa Extract
For couperose skin and skin in the first and second phase of rosacea. Incorporated with natural flower extracts, this cocktail serum aids in reducing inflammation, swelling, flushing and redness of skin. It also provides relief to hot and burning skin by calming and replenishing moisture. This is also suitable for those suffering from rosacea due to hormonal changes during ageing. Over time, the cocktail helps to lighten the visibility of redness on the skin.

Here shows about half a pump of each cocktail mixed together.

After 1 Day
After the treatment, I started using Wrinkle correction + Whitening Cocktail on my forehead and Moisturising Cocktail on the rest of my face. 

Then I dotted Cocktail for Acne skin (at times adding half a pump of Cocktail for Rosacea Skin) onto the areas that are inflamed. Next, I used Cocktail for Couperose skin around the corners of my nose as there are many visible spider veins. Do not be surprised that I used almost all of the cocktails on my skin. I usually only use 1 pump (sometimes half pump) of each cocktail by fully pressing the rubber tip and that was enough for my skin. The technique here is to wet my face with toner (I used spa water) so that when I apply the cocktail, it goes on smoothly and spreads out all over my face easily. And because the cocktails get absorbed into the skin super quickly, I could layer another cocktail on  with no issue.
Notice the small red round patch on the right side (your left) of tip of my nose? I'm happy to announce that the stubborn bugger (large white head hidden underneath the skin surface) was finally gone and never came back! ^o^/*(throws confetti) Thanks to the therapist who did a great job in extracting it!

After 4 Days
For the next few days after the facial treatment, my skin felt ultra hydrated and ultra smooth, probably also because of the cocktails that I applied religiously onto my skin. Though I still have a few inflammations in the process of healing, my skin overall felt a lot more brighter, radiant and moisturised. For my forehead, the dark tan shade and high shine diminished a little after I applied Whitening Cocktail on the area every night and Moisturising Cocktail both day and night.

As you can see, the large pores started to tighten up making my skin texture more smoother and firmer. I applied Wrinkle Correction Cocktail mainly on my nasolabial folds, cheeks, jaw and neck area where 'excess' skin or sagging skin would usually appear at.

After 6 Days
After nearly a week, a rather big difference showed on my forehead. The shine's gone which means  the skin surface is more hydrated thus less sebum production. The skin tone also appeared more even.

Now compare the following photos with the previous ones, my pores had gotten so much smaller, making my skin firmer. The spider veins (broken veins caused by my constant black/white head squeezing since young) on the corner of my nose are still visible as they are one of the harder issues that require continuous effort and time to treat. I used Cocktail for Couperose skin on corner of my nose and on the nasolabial area. Sometimes I swapped to using Cocktail for Rosacea skin on the same area. Both of them helped to reduce the appearance of skin redness. Inflammations had subsided after using the Cocktail for Acne. During day time, I applied Energizing cocktail to combat my tired looking skin and I also lightly spread it across my undereyes in hope that my dark circles could lighten a little. Skin has since appeared more radiant and clear! ^_^

Norel High Performance Cocktail Treatment (90mins) S$178
Energizing Cocktail with Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins S$89
Moisturizing Cocktail with Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose S$89
Cocktail for Couperose Skin with Vitamin C and Rutin S$89
Cocktail for Acne Skin with Birch and Willow Bark Extracts S$89
Cocktail for Rosacea Skin with Vitamin PP and Mimosa Extract S$89
Whitening Cocktail with Tetrapeptide-30 and Melavoid™ S$98
Wrinkle Correction Cocktail with Amino Peptides S$98

NOREL Dr Wilsz products and treatments are available exclusively at:
Annabelle Skin
1 Coleman Street, #02-42 The Adelphi, (S) 179803
Tel: 63368975

Beauty Skin
150 Orchard Road, #03-51 Orchard Plaza, (S) 238841
Tel: 98001003

Stella Beauty Care
Blk 551, Bedok North Street 1, #01-544, (S) 460551
Tel: 62411266

Wilis Beauty House
50 East Coast Road, #02-106 Roxy Square, (S) 428769
Tel: 63456230


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Add Colours to Your World with Youthful and Vibrant Flowers

I love colours such as pinks, apple green and pastels or anything that pops. Colours that make everything come alive. Whether it’s my hair, lip colour, fashion or interior design, there’s always a splash of colour there somewhere. I just find it energising.

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with fresh cut flowers. Whenever I feel down or uninspired, I order a bouquet for a quick pick-me-up. I tried ordering from a lot of different online florists and flower delivery in Singapore before I found A Better Florist, which in my opinion is one of the best florist in Singapore.

Quick story: I was feeling under the weather one day and a friend sent me a get well soon hamper full of fruits and recovery treats. It turned out to be from A Better Florist. That fruit basket delivery was such a healing care package in more ways than one, so I decided to try their service and that was the best decision I’ve ever made.

For my first order, I purchased The Daniella which was a simple yet charming bundle of snapdragons. I ordered it on a weekend and it arrived so quickly after my online order that it felt like it was hand-picked from a nearby garden or something. The best part was that it was free! The fresh flowers not only arrived quickly, they were fresh and blooming as well.

I have bought their other bouquets and even experienced their 90-minute guaranteed flower delivery service to anywhere in Singapore which I think could be the fastest and one of best flower delivery in Singapore.

To sum it up, here are some of the reasons why I love A Better Florist:
1.They have a great collection of youthful and modern flower arrangements, perfect for any occasion. They have a grand opening of flowers, flowers for babies, fruit baskets, as well as funeral wreaths.
2.Their bouquets are so picture perfect and Instagrammable! They’re great for adding a touch of luxury and elegance to product posts and grams.
3.Other bloggers and news sites have praised their fresh flowers, chic packaging and fast flower delivery in Singapore that’s why they’ve been included on several lists.
4.They have flower care instructions! They actually educate their customers on how to lengthen the life of cut flowers by including a note on the package about flower upkeep and maintenance. Great touch! (^3^)/~

As a testament to their success in Singapore, A Better Florist is already spreading its wings to include Hong Kong flower delivery, Abu Dhabi and Dubai flower delivery. They’ve even managed to get praises this early.

Try it out for yourself! Go ahead and treat yourself to fresh flowers or give a gift of vibrant flowers to inspire and make someone smile today.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Review: Pastel Hologram Peekaboo Highlights on Dark Hair @ Kenjo Salon 살롱 (& Olaplex Hair Perfector)

I bet you've seen my instagram posts about my new hair makeover. Yes, they are the currently trending PRAVANA hair dye, as used by the famous hair artist, Guy Tang.
Kenjo Salon just recently brought in the brand this month and so I was called to have my hair done with Pravana. ^_^

Below shows the various categories of Pravana Chroma Silk.
Click pic to enlarge

The range of colours that Kenjo Salon could do are all shown here! Wooo~~ On the right shows the pastels category.

There are unlimited possibilities for our hair now as colours from different categories can be mixed. I really love the Spring Green and Turqoise as well as the Amethyst. ♥▽♥)

Back to me, the girl with a head of dry grass.... I mean, bleached dry hair.. ^▽^" I've kept my hair including my fringe growing from last Dec til Aug this year which means I've grown 8 months of virgin hair. Hair on the crown area is pretty flat while the hair ends are poofy because of the dryness. I'm so glad I could get them cut off and re-dyed again!

Upon arriving Kenjo Salon, I was served with hot Nespresso coffee (I'm addicted to coffee~) and a nice yummy biscuit. It's always so nice to go to a salon with such nice treatment!

I was also given a big bag to hold my sling bag. Kenjo Salon always provide really good and considerate service. Aside from these, they also have free Wifi! Free wifi FTW~

Play the following video to watch how my hair turns into a nice dark ash brown with beautiful pastel hologram highlights underneath.

Adding more photos of the hair dye process here~
Click pic to enlarge

How beautiful are the colours and the curls?~
Click pic to enlarge

I love this part of my hair where I could see a beautiful gradient from violet to turquoise.
 Click pic to enlarge

At the end of the session, I received a bottle of Olaplex Hair Perfector N°.3 (For home use). I used once last week and immediately my hair feels so soft, smooth and it kinda feels a little lightweight and bouncy too. I had lesser fuss over blowdrying the hair ends because they no longer tangled up. Combing my hair becomes so easy.
I must say that Olaplex Hair Perfector is by far the best at-home hair treatment I've ever used. Take a look at my before hair pic (shown at top of post) which I'd already used tons of other brands' hair mask for months, and the hair still looked dry and frizzy. They really couldn't save my hair from falling and breaking unlike Olaplex.
I strongly recommend anyone who had done chemical treatments on their hair to try Olaplex, be it at the salon or at home (best to do both for maximum result). You would definitely feel the big difference after first try because for me, I did see the big difference! There were so much lesser hair fall caused by breakage. Lesser hair was seen at my bathroom drainage area ever since I tried Olaplex. The last time Olaplex was used on my hair at the salon (without at-home treatment), it lasted about 2 months before it loses its effectiveness. Now with this Take Home Olaplex, I guess I can prolong its efficacy for probably more than 2 months? ^,^v~

Next, presenting you a more detailed and close-up version of my hair. Click to play!

Last but not least, more still images of me with my new hair.... and trying to pin up the hair on my crown like my hair stylist did but kinda failed... lolx~
Click pic to enlarge

Quote miwitch and look for hairstylist @josephfoo2810  to enjoy 15% off for your first hair experience at Kenjo!

Kenjo Salon
68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing), S238839
Phone: 6238 8083


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Review: Mamonde Firming Mask & Lipsticks + Short Video Clip

Sometime ago, I received a few items from the newly launched Korean cosmetics brand in Singapore, Mamonde. They have their first counter up at Tangs VivoCity. To celebrate their launch, Mamonde sent me some nice beauty products for me to try.
I have already started using them about a month back so I'll do a review for all them in this post. Also, I've included an item from another cosmetic brand in this post. Scroll further to view it~ ^,~

Along with the beautiful Mamonde shopping bag, was a lovely note from them. The handwriting is beauutiful~ (♥▽♥)~ Inside the bag is one pack of Mamonde First Energy Firming Mask Set.

The other 2 products are makeup items:
Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense
Mamonde True Color Lip Stick

First Energy Firming Mask Set (Honeysuckle) contains total of 4 sheet masks in a box. Each mask is embossed with expiry date at the bottom of the packaging.

The first Mamonde mask I opened surprised me a little as their sheet mask felt quite different from the other Korean masks I've used. Instead of the usual ultra stretchy & thin or slightly stiff paper-like material, this one comes in a rather thick yet silky smooth fabric-like mask. Why do I find it look funny on I'm some weird super heroine with a funny mask.. lolx~ I have a rather flat nose bridge thus masks often don't adhere to that area properly.

The instructions from the sheet mask packaging suggests user to pull the mask up and outwards for more firming effect. The mask is quite long even for my big long face so small faces should find the mask be able to adhere down to around mid neck area I guess.

It's only the first mask-ing and I already felt it's a REALLY good mask. I'll tell you why in a moment, while you look at my dewy damp face, taken right after removing off the mask! ^,^
I like how my skin look hydrated, soft, and rejuvenated.

Shiny, not glossy or greasy. Really loving the after effects of using the mask!
My thoughts about Mamonde First Energy Firming Mask:
- mask has a really nice sweet honeysuckle scent but not overwhelming
- the mask when taken out of the packaging feels rather heavy (mask is really wet with the lotion and much excess in the package)
- content on the mask is milky-lotion with rather thick consistency
- lotion texture feels really smooth and slimy
- feels cooling and calming on my face
- the mask did not dry out, still felt pretty damp after 20 mins
After 20 mins of leaving the mask on, my skin felt:
- very hydrated and soft
- brightened up slightly
- a little firming effect on lower part of my cheeks (which reduced a little redness on my nasolabial folds)
- forehead lines and wrinkles below my eyes appear less visible
- skin appeared ultra dewy and nice to look at
- after lightly patting the lotion into my skin for it to absorb, skin felt rejuvenated
- totally did not cause any sensitivity issues on my skin
- no greasiness or heavy feel on my skin
It was really great that Mamonde allowed me to try their masks. I now rate it better than many of my other used-to-love Korean masks. There are certain Korean brands' mask that I would buy when I visit Korea but now.... I love Mamonde's mask more. Sometimes it's really a good thing to be able to try new brands so that I can compare them against my other favourite products.
Overall, I would say that Mamonde First Energy Mask worked well on my combination skin by not introducing more oil to my already oily T-zone but instead provided a lot of hydration to both my dehydrated areas and the oily T-zone. Basically my skin loves the product a lot, it remained looking dewy til the next day. The skin was prepped so well that the fine lines and wrinkles on my face didn't get enhanced by my foundation when I wore my makeup. New love for face mask! (♥▽♥)/~

Next review is makeup!~
True Color Lip Stick in shade 11 Happiness & Creamy Tine Color Balm Intense in shade 05 Blooming Rose.
I truely like Mamonde's makeup packaging as it's actually made with hologram paper material. Sad that it did not show up in the photos.. ^_^"
The back of each packaging shows the details of the companies in Asia and when top layer is peeled off, it shows the product ingredient.

Each product's expiry date is printed onto the product itself.

Liking the colours so far? ^_^ Both lippies look so cute~

Introducing a new guest... the Son & Park Two Way Lip Chalk in shade 03 Woony. I happened to open this lippie too at the same time so I thought I'd do a swatch together with Mamonde's lipsticks since all of them are from Korea!~ By the way I got Son & Park cosmetics from our neighbouring country - Malaysia. I bought most of that brand's makeup from the Sasa outlet at Resorts World Genting Highland.

Sorry for my lousy drawing of lips.. ^▽^;)
Let me review Mamonde lipsticks first. I'll do a comparison between the 2 lipsticks as well.
True Color Lip Stick in 11 Happiness:
- bright red with a tiny bit of orange in it
- a little creamy yet gives a pretty matte finish
- pretty pigmented, able to cover my pigmented lips in a single application
- more layers applied shows better coverage
- glides on smooth on my slightly dry lips and doesn't accentuate the dryness
- doesn't bleed
- sometimes stain onto my front teeth but not so much in compare to my other bold red lipsticks
- last quite long, still good after a few drinks and a meal
- requires a little touch up after a meal to get the red look bright again

Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense in 05 Blooming Rose:
- medium to almost a bold deep fuchsia pink
- just like its name, it has a balm-like texture but gives a slight matte finish
- as it is the intense version thus it is very pigmented for a balm, it also can cover my pigmented lips with 1-2 layers of application
- a wee less pigmented than True Color Lip Stick

- glides on easily on my lips and also on lips that already applied with matte liquid lipstick
- gives good moisture to my dry lips and prevent lips from drying out at the end of the day
- doesn't bleed
- stains only a tiny bit onto my front teeth when I applied it too much on my inner lip
- last quite long, still good after a few drinks
- requires touch up at least once after a few drinks or a meal as it transfers quite easily
I guess lately all the matte finish lip trend have also caught up in Korea thus most of their lipsticks were made with matte finish.

Son & Park Two Way Lip Chalk in shade 03 Woony:
- slightly warm light to almost medium pink
- matte finish for both crayon-pencil end and powered end
- pencil side glides on fine with a little friction against my lips while powder side doesn't apply well on my lips (it applies better on smooth surface like on my arm during swatch)
- pencil gives pretty decent coverage but need time to fill up the lips as it pulls the skin
- powder gives only a little coverage and it appears slightly flaky on my dry lips
- once fully applied on lips, it lasts the whole day but it also makes the lips look drier by end of day
- colour will look a little patchy after drinks or meals so requires touch-up
- feels that it requires clear balm application before and after the lip chalk to make it look nice on my lips
This two way lip chalk makes me think twice sometimes before I decide to use it. Most times I'll just go for the pencil end and forego the powder as it's difficult to apply on lips. However, the other Son & Park makeup I've used are awesome,especially the concealers!

Alrighty, so here I shall end the post with a short clip of me using Mamonde True Color Lip Stick~ hhehex~

How much?
Mamonde First Energy Firming Mask (5 sheets) SGD$20
Mamonde True Color Lip Stick - Enquiry at counter
Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense SGD$16
Son & Park Two Way Lip Chalk RM$79

Where to buy?
Mamonde @ Tangs VivoCity
Mamonde Online @ Lazada

Mamonde Singapore FB Page
Mamonde Singapore Instagram
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