Sunday, October 16, 2016

Halloween Maze @ Cirque the Cathay

WooOOoOOoooOOooo~ Halloween is near! Another 2 weeks more to celebrate this awesome day with friends. And I've already booked some of my friends to go to this Cirque The Cathay: Night of Horrors held at none other than The Cathay & Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!
Friends and I were actually looking out for activities to do on that Halloween weekend and noticed there weren't much things happening at Orchard. Most are happening in the pubs and clubs. I personally was hoping to see that there'll be some fun stuffs happening at malls/ cafe/ restaurant/ streets and just as I was searching around, I received this email about Cirque The Cathay. Woots!~

Presenting you a scary clown! WHY SO SERIOUSSSsssss~ heh heh heh...

So here's what it's all about.
Cathay Malls is putting up a clown-themed Halloween maze, probably your worst childhood nightmare come true, at the 2 malls - The Cathay and Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, plot your escape with psychopathic clowns hot on your heels!
Get ready to be lost in a maze of horrors with a gruesome twist – you’ll not only need to find your way through the maze but still need to have your wits about you as you complete tasks, escape-room style. Cathay Malls’ clown-themed Halloween maze, Cirque the Cathay, is inspired by arguably the most prolific clown in film history, “Pennywise” or better known as “It”, from the film adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic novel of the same name.
And yes, we’ll confirm your deepest, darkest fears right now: “It”-inspired clowns will be looming in every corner of the maze, lying in wait with plastered, bloodthirsty grins (and other evil intentions…) as you try to escape.

Event details
There'll be a Halloween fun and scary (of course) activity at both places:
Hipster Halloween @ The Cathay
Level 1 External Atrium (2 Handy Road S229233)
Date: 20 to 23 October 2016 (Thur - Sun)
Time: 5pm to 9pm

How to play?
Enter the maze, complete the tasks of hunting and retrieving two horror props, escape from the clowns as they try to steal the props, exit and collect the prizes. The more tasks you complete and the more props you collect, the bigger the prize!

Concert of Horrors @ Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Basement Atrium (8 Grange Road S239695)
Date: 27 to 30 October 2016 (Thur - Sun)
Time: 5pm to 9pm

How to play?
Enter the maze, complete the tasks of hunting and retrieving two horror props, escape from the clowns as they try to steal the props, exit and collect the prizes. The more tasks you complete and the more props you collect, the bigger the prize!

How to join?
1. Just present a minimum of a S$5 spending receipt from The Cathay or Cathay Cineleisure Orchard (movie tickets are accepted too) on each event day to gain entry into the maze
2. Sign registration/indemnity form

So girls and guys... and clowns, I'll see you there at the maze!
Muahahahhahahahahahax~~~ *flashes knife*
Feat. my niece Shermin

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nautical Style Clothing For Fall 2016

It's been quite long since I've done any online shopping to expand my wardrobe. Not that I have much space to expand further anyway (it's getting so packed that I gota take some clothing out before I can choose the one I wana wear lolx~), I'm thinking of donating my old clothes and replacing that empty space with new ones! ^_^
Since it's year end now, I thought of getting jackets, coats, long sleeves, sweaters and long pants. And that brought me viewing Tommy Hilfiger clothing line at Zalora~ Just check out this beautiful thing! Who won't want dat? ^,^

At Zalora Tommy Hilfiger page, items shown are a mixed of men's and women's.

From the women's clothing category, there are both casual and smart outfits. They include bags and shoes as well.

Back to the first image I shown earlier, it was tagged #TommyxGigi because Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with Gigi Hadid to create this collection. I just couldn't shift my eyes away from this awesome sweater! And the next thing I stared at is none other than the military nautical inspired pants she's wearing to match that top!
You JUSTTTTTT gota look at it for the 10th time (of course, looking at beautiful legs is therapeutic too lolx)... I've always love double breasted buttons sewn on any kind of clothes, especially coats, skirts and pants. It was a wonderful idea that they used these buttons on their skinny pants. The way the buttons were laid out in a slanted manner and the size & colour of the buttons picked were just perfect for this skinny pants.
These 2 pieces match perfectly and could make whoever the wearer is, like a sexeh female sailor! ^o^/ As well as a smart lookin' OL, if worn to work. ^_^

Aside from their TommyxGigi collection I was also attracted by this pair of Jada Pants. They have a promotion going on whereby I could buy 2 or more Tommy Hilfiger clothes, I'll get 10% off!
Anyhoo, I guess this pastel blue shade pants matches quite well with Gigi Hadid Technical Striped Sweater too. It could work well with any other kind of white/blue top or blouse too.

I'm glad that for some of the clothes, there are videos that could allow me to look at them in a 360 degrees view. And I could also gauge the actual length of the sleeves and pants from the videos so to know if they are long enough for my long limbs.^,^ All the blue and white got me #triggered! I'm thinking which blues and which whites should I pick now... *rubs chin*

Do you like Nautical, Sailor or Military inspired outfits like me too? ^_^ I'm hoping there'll be steampunk, victorian, gothic inspired outfits coming from popular brands in future so that I could wear all of them out to work as well as to the streets! x(^_~)x *cross fingers*

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Review & Videos: Wet Brush-Pro Pop Fold Detangling Brush

I am so slow in putting up my review for this Wet Brush which I had already mentioned in my Instagram since couple weeks back! Either I've been busy if not I've been sleepy... lolx~ I feel exhausted everyday after work, and I'm so packed with activities every weekend. Phew~
Anyhoo complaints aside, today I'mma show you this wonderful Wet Brush that I received. How wonderful can this brush be? Well.. all I can say is that it is meant for COSPLAYERS. Lolx~ Neh.. It is for everybody but it can also be used by people who cosplay characters with darn long wigs! *stares at my Sailor Pluto wig* (⌐_⌐")

About Wet Brush
The IntelliFlex® Make The Difference For Healthier And Beautiful Hair.
Meet the first and only professional full size folding brush
Brush out tangles easily, with no pulling, tugging or pain. Thin and strong yet flexible, our IntelliFlex
® bristles glide through hair effortlessly gently detangling hair. Our exclusive ultra-soft polytips, SofTips® help to protect the hair and are ideal for sensitive scalps.
The result: healthier hair with no tangles, no split ends and less breakage.

Here's the compact Wet Brush-Pro in its packaging~ I received the one in black-grey.

Details of the brush laid out on the packaging.

How To Use?
1. Push button on the back to open for superior detangling.
2. Extend the handle
3. Press the button on the bottom of the brush head to “pop” out the bristles.
4. To close, gently press the button in the center of the cushion to retract the bristles, fold handle.

Before popping the bristles, it looks like this.

So here comes my videos! ^o^ I took so long to put them up because my darn old computer is really darn old... graphic card couldn't support the 4k resolution video which I took with my mobile phone so the motion was super slow when I edited these vids. (Mobile phone > laptop) I basically slept through the video editing process...hahahax... ^,^""

Anyhoo, enjoy my videos! ^o^/

Here's a close-up of Wet Brush-Pro Pop Fold and then 2nd part shows me using the brush for my newly dyed bed hair. My hair was entirely not combed prior to this video taking.
I like the idea that it is compact as I do have some worries everytime I throw my hairbrush in my luggage bag when I travel. The bristles would get stuck on something if not, they would get flattened and bent out of shape. To tell you the truth, I usually would abuse my belongings. Lolx~ Thus with this Wet Brush Pop Fold, I can easily store it without worrying that the bristles would get broken or anything. Pop, fold and throw it in! hahahx.. just kidding, I meant put in my luggage bag. ^o^~
Since I have short hair now, this Wet Brush works super good on me with absolutely zero tangle and no hairbrush stuck in hair kinda situation during the brushing process. If I have tried this on my previous long blonde and very dry hair, I could have given a better review of this Wet Brush.
And of course, by the name Wet Brush, you should know that it is also meant to be used on wet hair... or rather on damp hair. You know how much hair brush would get stuck in wet hair? Try googling for a video of this brush used on long wet hair and you'll see why I said it is good. The bristles are so soft and flexible so I guess that's the reason to brushing on wet hair with no pain. I seriously dislike brushes that pull my hair and give me pain on the scalp (Also do not like people using their nails to scrape my scalp when washing my hair... same 'pain' theory. kekex~). With this Wet Brush, I would not have to go through the pain again.

Next video shows me using the Wet Brush-Pro Pop Fold on a long wig, without using any hair serum/ conditioner/ fabric softener prior to brushing it. You might think that brushing a wig is a simple job... oh noooo you are WRONG. It IS simple if the wig is of a very good quality plus you use a good or compatible wig brush/comb. I used to always brush my long wigs for at least 2 hours to first, detangle, second, straighten it, and lastly put on all sorts of serum and lotion to smoothen it so it won't tangle easily when wind blows on it.
In this following video, you will see that I have the wig sitting on a flimsy wig stand. Frankly speaking I have never tried brushing wig on this stand because it couldn't withstand any wig that is longer than about 30cm. It would topple if I lightly push it from the sides. So basically, the moment I brush this wig without holding it firmly, it falls. And it is super hard to even brush long wigs sitting on this skinny stand (as skinny as me). I would usually use more force to brush wigs thus I need a sturdy stand. I normally would use 2 'S' hooks to hook my long wigs onto my steel room divider (because it is tall) and brush the wig fibre downwards as it's so much easier than brushing it like this as shown below. BUTTTTTtttt! With this Wet Brush, I only need to use a fraction of that force to brush through this tangled wig!
During initial part of this video, I did not know if I could really brush it straight from the top with the wig sitting on this flimsy stand. So I thought, how about brushing it starting from the hair ends? (It works better like that when I brush my long wigs with a normal wooden or metal bristle brushes. I felt that starting from the ends would detangle faster and would not get stuck half way compare to brushing from top down.) But later decide to do it from the top again.
So as you can see, this brush allows me to brush all the way from the top of the wig til the ends smoothly without pulling the fibre much. I used to always sweep about 50 or more strands of wig fibres off from the floor after every wig brushing. This one? I think you can only see less than 5 strands? *claps*claps*claps*
This was my first try of Wet Brush on wig and believe me, I'm so gonna use this brush on every single wig starting from now. Heheheex~

And so, here ends my review! ^_^ After this week, I'm gonna travel overseas for 2 weeks and I've prep some of the things to bring along. Aside from bringing this foldable Wet Brush, I'm also taking this refill perfume spray with me. These can be bought at Suzanni Beaute website. I got so much stuffs from that website including CALA latex-free sponges too! Super love those sponges, works just as amazing as the Beauty Blender but less than half of the price~ Do check them out yox! ^,~/

Halloween Edition: Wet Brush Sugar Skulls
Red Rose, Purple Rose and White Rose Sugar Skull give you hair to die for.

Wet Brush-Pro Pop Fold & Wet Brush Sugar Skulls SGD$19.90/each (UP $21.90)

Where to buy?
Available at selected BHG, Metro, Guardian, Sasa and Watsons stores

Friday, October 7, 2016

Haul & Review: Urban Decay, Kat Von D & it Cosmetics @ Sephora

Hey all, it's been quite sometime since I last posted about haul, makeup or even a makeup review.  So today I'm going to talk about all these 3 stuffs.. and it might get a little photo intensive ^_^ Kick back, relax and view my photos. ^,~
A couple weeks back, I went on a shopping spree at Sephora online store
After browsing 23978106 items (lolx~) in their makeup category , I chose the following makeup products. 
TADAH!~~ *sparkle sparkle*

So the items I got are:
- Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation in shade 3.0
- Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Eden
- Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Comfort Matte in shade Heartless
- Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in shade Melancholia (Rose Blush)

Below shows my shopping cart and I got a free sample added to my bag which is the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ in Fair shade.
I like the cart design as I can still change the shade at the last moment before payout.

Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation
I've been debating between getting Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation and Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation. I have actually went around swatching at the physical Sephora stores and still couldn't decide which to get. At last, I decided on the UD because I saw a review on youtube of both foundies and it seems that the KVD's foundation is much drier than UD's, plus KVD was not available at the time I placed order online so I just went for UD. ^^

I like the box packaging as it's in chrome, just like its actual product. However it would be a pain trying to read the words on it. lolx~
Above shows the ingredients printed on the packaging. I see that this foundation uses quite alot of silicone ingedients, infact the first ingredient is silicone. Actually I've got some problems with wearing silicone based makeup. More often than not, they do not last long on my skin. I guess it's either I have a primer that isn't compatible to the foundation or my skincare products are entirely not compatible to the makeup I use. Either way, I've always liked to try out different ways of wearing my foundation such as with or without primer, with or without fixer to see which works best so I can have longer lasting makeup.

Check out this pretty babe!~~ So chrome that you probably could spot me in the reflection. hehex~

The bottle has a weight to it and that's good because I don't like foundation bottles to topple every single time I accidentally brush my hand against it or whatsoever.

Every single part of the bottle is made chrome... So loving it! ♥▽♥)
Product is 30ml and can be kept for 6 months after first use.
Bottom of the bottle shows the shade number.

it Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+
Next, Imma gonna show you the sample I received~ I was happy that the Sephora online store gives out free samples kinda like Sephora US? (If I'm not wrong) ^.^ It's best that they keep it this way because I would definitely want to try out other new foundations and makeup aside from the ones I buy.I find it's always hard to determine what shade would be best for my skintone, so foundation samples are always a good way to entice customers to try and then buy~ ^_^
For this CC+ foundation, I saw that they contain high amount of snail secretion filtrate and aside from that are again, silicone plus other sunscreen ingredients and plant oil.

This little sample comes in 4ml and can be kept for 12 months after first use.

Nice holographic packaging (just gota love both chrome and holo!) They've also got the application method printed on the back of the actual product. Product made in Korea.
I've actually thought of getting it Cosmetics foundation and so I went to Sephora store to get a swatch first. Apparently this CC+ foundation has little pigments (swatch will be shown later in this post) so I skipped getting it as I wanted to try those that provide medium to high coverage for a change.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Eden
I believe this isn't new to everyone. I got this because my favourite MUA Wayne Goss told me to get it. Lolx~ Neh.. I wanted UD eye primer for quite sometime already even though my bestie told me that their eye primers in new formulas didn't really prevent her eye makeup from creasing. After looking around on Sephora online store, I decided to still give UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion a try despite what was mentioned to me. The original was OOS so I took Eden.

UD EPP Eden has a really lovely packaging especially the teardrop cap.

Close-up of the teardrop cap. I really love that cap design. ^,^

The cap acts as a handle too.

Close-up of the applicator. It looks like a light shade concealer.

I swatched all the above 3 mentioned products together. Basically UD All Nighter Liquid Foundation is very pigmented, matte but looks somewhat a little satin on the skin under daylight. it Cosmetics CC+ has low pigments (not full coverage like what it said it has) and looks sheer after blended out. Lastly UD EPP is matte and still has the white beigey pigment intact after blending, it also feels sticky, tacky on the surface so that it can grab whatever is put on top of it easily.
With flash, the UD All Nighter looks very matte and took away the natural shine my skin has. It also appear to look darker than how it looks under normal lighting. CC+ basically does what it claims to do by making my skin shine and glow like it’s well moisturised and hydrated. The UD EPP has no difference be it under natural light or flash but it does give some coverage to the skin so I assume it could be used alone too (applied light layer) on to dark eyelids. Lastly, look at the bottom left row where I had removed the eye primer and foundation with a dry tissue and look at what's left over on my hand. Both UD eye primer & All Nighter left some product on my hand while the CC+ didn't. They are really budge-proof!

UD Foundation & Eye Primer Review
I wore UD All Nighter Liquid Foundation 2 days in a row, using slightly different way of wearing for each day. First day, I did a 1 full pump on back of my hand and I used a damp non-latex sponge to apply the foundation on my bare skin (with skincare). I did not use all of the foundation as 3/4 of it was enough to cover my whole face providing full coverage.

Below shows the coverage of the foundation when used alone without primer and concealer.
I have relatively large pores on my cheeks, small inflammation and post acne scars around cheeks and jaw areas so I applied layers of foundation (a thin layer at a time) to achieve the concealing effect. The foundation is really pigmented, works so well by concealing those redness too!

Below shows my face after full makeup. I pressed on white translucent powder on top of the liquid foundation and then buffed on light layers of bronzer at perimeter of my face, also light layers of compact powder on top of areas where I have redness (like laugh lines) and areas showing slightly visible spots. Finally I blended both powders to get a more even and natural look. Although I felt that the foundation made my face way too matte, the shade 3.0 oxidised to a more reddish-yellow tone (I am more of a yellow-neutral tone) and was a tad darker than my skin, but the finished look was so flawless! Pores appeared slightly less visible after makeup.
*Note: I'm wearing the new KVD & UD lipstick here too, review will be shown later in this post.

Below shows my makeup, taken 12 hours later.
On this day, some of the foundation melted away becos my T-zone produced lots of sebum, as usual. I tried to salvage by applying light layers of cream to powder foundation on T-zone and laugh lines because the redness showed up after the foundation was gone. The rest of the makeup remained were mostly around the perimeter of my face and eyes, and the blush was still intact as the foundation on my cheeks didn't vanish entirely.
The following photo was taken with my mobile in selfie mode. I was very tired by the time I took this pic so pls excuse my stone look. Lolx~ though most foundation were gone at the centre of my face, I still look alright (so-so rather) in my selfie pic with minimum filters used.

On the next day I tried using a glowy primer under UD All Nighter so I could achieve a slightly dewy look rather than the all matte matte look. I also used cream highlighter and blush on top of the liquid foundation before I pressed on powder to set them in.
Following was taken after 13 hours of wearing the makeup and it seems that the primer doesn't work very well with the foundation which causes the foundie to shift alittle. Once again most of my foundation vanished around the centre of my face as my skin produced even more sebum this time. In the pic shown below was taken under strong LED lights so you can see the shine my skin gives out. Somehow that shiny greasy surface accentuate the appearance of my large pores. The redness around my nose and nasolabial fold also showed through the half vanished foundation.
In below pic shows my makeup look under normal indoor lighting. (It doesn't look as bad as the above pic maybe becos the lighting was low) The blush was still intact just like the first day, however my overall skin appear a little more oily than the previous.
I would think that the foundation when used alone was pretty ok, it could have been better if I used a  compatible primer (and maybe also skincare). Because of my aging skin, the matte foundation which I used to love when I was younger, don't really work well on me now. At some point I think my skin look dull without the glow and it kind of make my aging dehydrated skin look even more dehydrated after many hours of wearing. I really really love the awesome high coverage that UD All Nighter gives but because of my skin type and condition, I would probably only reach out to this foundie when I know I'm going out only for short hours and during the evening/night. (Hence the name, All Nighter? Lolx~) The next thing I love was the foundie transfers the least in compare to other foundations that I own. I would suggest those who do not have dry or dehydrated skin (normal, normal-oily combi, oily) could give this a try and to select a tad shade lighter than your skin tone because it will oxidised to a slightly darker shade.

Next I'm gonna review the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion Eden.
I used to own several primers that got dried up within the tube and so I debated for quite long before deciding to invest in another. I took Eden since the Original was OOS and I like it that the packaging wasn't entirely a squeeze tube but a squeeze tube with an applicator. I like the light skintone shade as it kind of conceals my dark lids. Similarly, I used a non-latex damp sponge to dab the eye primer (I took the product from the tube and put it on back of my hands instead of applying directly with applicator) onto my lids and a little under the outer corners of my eyes too. Because I have droopy eyelids which the outer corners overlaps the skin below it, I tend to tear easily when the lashes tickled the skin below my eyelids. So this eye primer worked quite well by preventing me from tearing due to its formula. It felt tacky, somewhat sticky, yet dry and matte, so I used it to dap the outer corner of my eyes and it immediately made the skin felt dry and not damp. (Not too sure it make sense to you but this was how I felt after using. Dampness under my eyelids always make me tear).
I only applied light gold shimmery eyeshadow and peachy pink shadow over the primer. I totally love how well the shadow blended when applied ontop of the Eden primer. It blended smoothly and I didn't feel there's any friction going on when I tried to blend both shades together. The outlines of the primer could also easily be blended off with a brush.

After 13 hours of wearing the eyeshadow and Eden eye primer, I saw little crease lines, which were caused by my double (or triple?) eye lids lines. The eyeshadow got trapped within those lines. I have yet to try apply darker shades or pile multiple eyeshdows on to this primer yet. Perhaps I should and then I could talk more about this eye primer. At the end of the day, my eyeshadow still remained intact but looked a little dull. I wonder if it would work better if I use more primer or I blend the primer onto my lids with my own finger (to give it some heat) instead of a sponge.

I heard good things about Urban Decay Vice Lipstick and since I've been a little crazy over matte lipsticks nowadays, so why not get one I thought.
The ingredients and expiry date are shown on the box packaging.

I was trying hard to find nude lipsticks that matches my skin shade so I could conceal my dark pigmented lips with the lipstick before applying other lip colour. Sadly when I went online shopping, only "Heartless", a slightly pale neutral pink was available. It is considered the lightest from the pile of available shades at that time. Nonetheless I did not mind getting more nude pinks since I use any kind of nude lippies. hehex~ ^,^

Like the UD All Nighter, the Vice Lipstick has a dark chrome body too. It felt really nice to hold a weighted bullet-looking lipstick. The feeling was... luxurious when I uncapped and used it on my lips.

Entirely loving the enbossed UD logo! ♥▽♥)

Ever since its launch, this is my first time gettng my hands on Kat Von D's product. Aside from thinking of getting the foundation, I also yearned for their Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.
Ingredients of the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick as shown above.

If you'd followed me in Instagram, you might have seen photos of my Sephora haul and swatches of some of the products, as well as knew that I accidentally got 2 lippies of the similar shade. ^_^" *faints*

Use Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick like you're smoking a C. lolx~

I got this shade "Melancholia" because again, the skintone nudes were out so I picked the next nude or palest shade of them all, which happened to be this Rose Blush shade.

The applicator is similiar to those used in lipgloss.

So now let me show you the dupes. I gotten 2 lipsticks in 2 different types from 2 different brands and ended up with 2 similar shades. The KVD is a tad cooler than UD Vice lipstick and of course more matte than UD too.

UD & KVD Lipsticks Review
I tried both using each of them by itself and using them stacked. Below shows KVD Melancholia, taken under flourescent lighting thus the shade appears more cooler than usual. Melancholia is originally a tiny bit cool (at some angles and under some lightings) although I would still describe it as warm pink.
I had trouble applying the KVD lipstick on my lips. There was no issue with filling up the spaces but I had problem trying to soften the outline of my lips. Once the liquid sets in place for over a couple of seconds, the lipstick kind of hardened and if I did not blend it out quickly enough, I have a outline of semi hardened lipstick which would appear more pigmented than the rest of the area that I have already blended out. I had to spend sometime to fill my lips with this liquid lipstick, using both the applicator and my fingers to try to smoothen the pigments out so they look even. After 2 days of using, I still couldn't get used to this liquid lipstick. Because my lips are pretty dark and pigmented, any one area that is not properly applied or blended, I could see light and dark pink patches, kinda just like the picture shown below. The lipstick texture is also pretty sticky. Everytime I press my lips to even out the pigments, my lips sticked to each other quite firmly. (lolx~) I believe that if I use a sheer non-matte lipstick over this liquid lipstick, it would adhere really well since the base is already so sticky... lolx~
Generally I felt that Kat Von D liquid lipstick is long lasting but I got really visible lip lines after wearing it for quite long (more than 10 hours). Since it's matte lipstick, I do not need to say much about how drying it could be as I guess everyone would have expected matte lipsticks to be drying. Certain parts of my lips are dry and flaky, this liquid lipstick made that dry area stand out even more. So I would suggest people who have dry lips to avoid using it unless you apply another coat of gloss or balm, something more moisturising over it.

Below shows my highly filtered lips lolx~ (using phone photoshop so it's hard to make it look flawless yet not too fake). One side I applied UD Vice Lipstick in Heartless and another side Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Melancholia. In this set of photos, you can see that they are almost the same shade except one is a tiny bit darker, somewhat cool and more matte. The other is paler in comparison and has a subtle shine to it

UD Vice Lipstick in Heartless was easier to apply, less sticky when I pressed my lips, very pigmented too and lasted pretty long even after a meal or two. However it felt really dry after half a day. I could feel that my lips puckered a little.. (lolx.. just an expression not really dry till I pucker :P~)
It is like KVD liquid lipstick whereby it's hard to remove without a proper remover. I wanted to remove the lipstick after I ate or drank so I could recoat my lips but it was quite hard to do so without tugging the skin on my lips. Thus I kept tissue-ing my mouth to clean them and tried to even out the pigments. So after a day...what's left on my lips looked like this. (sorry if I grossed you out) ^_^"
Another method to clean and redo such budge-proof makeup is to use warm water. I could have done that but I thought maybe I could do a little test first to see how long lasting the lipstick was. I could easily give it a 8 or 9 upon 10 since this lipstick lasted me like 12 hours without vanishing entirely (only some parts did and my dark lips kinda make the lipstick looked greyish).

And with that, I shall end my post here.. I hope you all like my reviews for the 4 makeup products~ ^,~ 
Check out more of these products I got from Sephora.

Where to buy?
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